New Robomow Robot Lawn Mowers Getting Rave Reviews

Posted on 25/07/2014 by jgendron in Lawn Mower
Robotshop has been selling robot lawn mowers for nearly 10 years but, they have never been as popular as this year with the new Robomow models. Robomow has taken more than 10 years of innovation, and tests in this industry in order to create the best robot lawn mower out there. Their hard work has paid off and this shows with the reviews we have been receiving for Robomow robot lawn mowers lately.
Robomow Saves TimeRobomow Saves Time
Mowing the lawn is certainly a chore that is disliked and these robots are now saving time and money for users while at the same time being friendly to the environment.
robomow-frontRobomow Front
Here are a few reviews from our customers: "I own pretty much every consumer robot out there, Nao, Roomba, Scooba, etc. This is one efficient robot. My lawn looks like a golf course now, it has never looked better. And you don't do anything once the wire is laid down. Schedules itself, docks, goes back out etc. I truly love this robot, great product" "This machine is just amazing" "I bought a Robomower from you, it works great." "The tough build quality is the first thing you notice. The thick heavy plastics used in manufacture give the robot strength and rigidity. The machine came with a home base, tons of green wire, 150 stakes, a robo-ruler, and information manual. Setup time was around 3 hours before it began to mow the edge and return to home base on its own. I have used this mower about a month so far. I run it manually several days per week, for the maximum time allowed. I'll admit, I did NOT expect it to do a good job. I was very skeptical. After setting the time and date, I let it get to work. It dutifully mowed the perimeter, then began to criss-cross the lawn, Roomba style! Robomow had made itself at home on my lawn in no time. How does it cut? It has a 6" blade that is very sharp and capable of a cut as low as half inch. It actually mowed my lawn for 3.5 hours straight, as I ran around with shovelfulls of dirt to fill in the dips. The results were not what I expected. It actually did a fine job and left the lawn looking like a carpet, with absolutely no clippings to be seen. I set the mowing height as low as it would go without scraping the ground, and the grass now looks like a golf green. There are no lines to speak of, it is so evenly and perfectly cut! This is the FIRST CUT of the season! They say this mower is good for 500 square meters, but I would say it cuts much more than that... and it will do it EVERY DAY... if you want. Even a huge yard would eventually get cut completely with that kind of coverage. Can it save money? YES! Imagine the TIME you will save NOT cutting the lawn? Calculated over the Robot's expected lifespan of 10 years or more, the savings in gas money and replacement lawnmowers will add up to a pretty number. And, I've already saved 9 hours of my life in the first week of use! 9 hours I would have never gotten back otherwise. Instead of constantly pushing a stanky, odor-belching gas mower endlessly, causing thatch and uneven lines in the lawn, now I can make the yard look even nicer by focusing more on the details. With summer being 3 months long in this part of Canada, for me it's a no-brainer to have a robotic lawn mower doing the most hated chore, which I consider to be... Mowing."
robomow-sideRobomow Side
Robomow robot lawn mowers are feature packed and complete mowing on their own. They are charged at the base station and stay there between operations. They then depart from the base station, cut the lawn and return for charging until the next operation.
robomow-bottomRobomow Blades
The Robomow houses duel steel blades and is designed to cut even better than your standard mower. It is safe and includes a blade guard but, is rugged enough to cut even small sticks that crosses it's path.
Robomow robot lawn mowers can be purchased at RobotShop. It is not too late to install a robot lawn mower to complete the mowing season and see for yourself how this product can serve you.  
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