Neato Robotics Raises $12.2 Million In Funding

Posted on 20/04/2012 by carlos-31 in Domestic
Tags: Neato, XV-11
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Neato Robotics, the maker of the awesome Neato XV-Series Robots just closed a deal for12.2M$ in funding from strategic partners including Vorwerk Ventures, and Noventi Ventures.
"The funding is a strong vote of confidence from our current investors and strategic partners, and will support the momentum and expansion of the company," says Warren Flick, CEO of Neato Robotics, Inc. "Our vision is to leverage our unique robotic technology to bring new, innovative, home-cleaning products to the marketplace."
This is great news for the robotic industry and you can expect to see more crazy domestic robots coming your way in the future from this manufacturer. Via MarketWatch.
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