Neato Botvac D3 and D5 Connected Available at RobotShop

Ready for a new robot vacuum? Introducing two new connected robot vacuums from Neato Robotics now available for purchase at RobotShop. The Botvac D3 Connected and D5 Connected are new additions to Neato's line of connected robot vacuums which you can control with your smartphone. Since they are wifi enabled, you can clean anytime, from anywhere with the Neato app – start, stop, pause, schedule, and receive notifications wherever you are.
Neato BotVac D5 Connected Robot Vacuum CleanerNeato BotVac D5 Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

These new robots still have LaserSmart Navigation which we have come to love from Neato for laser mapping of your rooms during cleaning for a deep, thorough, methodical cleaning in less time. They also automatically go back to their charging station to recharge then return to where they left off in order to finish the job.

This makes for 3 Botvac connected robot vacuums. So what are the differences and which one is best for me you say? Here are the differences:  
Neato Botvac CompareNeato Botvac Comparison Table
  If you have a smaller home without pets, the D3 is a very cost effective option for you. It includes all the standard features to make sure your home is cleaned perfectly and methodically. Whereas for larger homes with pets, we do recommend the D5 or Botvac connected for optimal cleaning of your home with ultra performance filters and a high capacity lithium-ion battery. Ready to purchase? Here are links to our purchase pages: North America and International: Botvac D5 Connected Robot Vacuum Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum Europe: Botvac D5 Connected Robot Vacuum Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum Need more help choosing? Our experts are here to help. Simply contact us via our support center.  
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