Neato Botvac D Series Available at RobotShop

Neato Robotics announced their new Botvac D series and these new robot vacuums are now available for pre-order at RobotShop!

The following models will be available for delivery in July in the United States and availability in Europe for the third quarter of the year:

These new models feature a combo brush that is uniquely designed to pick up pet hair and is quieter, too, especially on hard floors like wood and tile. The new brush is also easier to clean and prevent hair buildup.These new robots are also said to have new bumper sensors. One thing we are certain of is that they are just as powerful and intelligent as the original Botvac series but, with a new sleek and modern look that will fit well in any home. The Botvac D75: Perfect for everyday cleaning on all floor types and includes a newly designed spiral blade brush. It’s a powerful vacuum that will devour all those things that land on your floor and is especially efficient on hardwood floors. It includes standard filters for every day use.

Botvac D75Botvac D75

The Botvac D80 and D85: Ideal for everyday cleaning on all floor types and include filters and brushes specially designed for maximum hair pick up – pet or otherwise. In addition to the new spiral blade brush, these models come with a combination brush that allows a quieter vacuuming experience as well as high performance filters.

Botvac D80Botvac D80
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