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Posted on 03/12/2012 by carlos-31 in Industry
Makerbot Replicator 2MakerBot Replicator 2
3D printers are types of robots that are revolutionizing the manufacturing sector. They make product creation accessible to (almost) everyone by taking care of the precise and often cost-prohibitive work involved in building a physical object. In the same way regular computer printers made it possible for everyone to produce high quality pictures and graphics without the need for complex and enormous printing presses, 3D printers allows users to create intricate and complex 3D shapes out of plastic (ABS or PLA plastic for most household printers). The following interview with the creator of the MakerBot 3D printers, Bre Pettis, explains the exciting future that 3D printing will enable. The Replicator 2, the latest 3D printer from MakerBot, makes 3D printing much more accessible than it was before. This machine requires almost no tweaking or adjustments and can print high-quality modes, right away. With the launch of this revolutionary robot, MakerBot also launched a very stylish store in New York City where they show-off the printer and the many things it can print. One interesting installation is their 3D photo boot, where you can be scanned and printed in 3D.
MakerBbot 3D Photo BoothMakerBbot 3D Photo Booth
If you wonder how a 3D printing photo booth can work, then ave a look at the video below which illustrates the process of scanning and 3D printing high-quality models. Unfortunately, the type of scanning and 3D printing illustrated in the video is not available to everybody just yet but we are confident that the technology will be democratized further in the near future. Do you want to start making exciting 3D objects? Get your own 3D printer at RobotShop today and join the new manufacturing revolution.
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