Lynxmotion - MES Power Distribution Board (PDB)

Our Lynxmotion MES-PDB (Multirotor Erector Set / Power Distribution Board) was created based on needs for our Lynxmotion MES frame system that will be released soon. The design objectives of this board included properly powering all motors (up to eight motors), distribute the ESC signals, and power the Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano. All this with simple connections that would not require any soldering on the part of the user. Our team worked hard to pack more features as well to make life easier for any builder but, especially for Quadrino Nano users.

Main Features

General: Affect any users
  • 20A continuous current per motor & up to 8 BLDC motors (160A)
  • Two battery inputs w/ XT60 harness (one harness supplied in the kit)
  • Location to add a standard 5V BEC (voltage regulator)
  • Dual PCB construction
  • Standard 45mm mounting pattern
  • 3.5mm bullet connectors for each ESC's
  • Laser-cut foam for bottom protection
Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano Compatibility
  • Single wiring harness for the Quadrino Nano (sold separately)
  • Breakout of the ESC connections with proper localization related to MultiWii
  • Amplified buzzer for audible alarm
  • Output for an optional alarm with either 5V or Vin power (LED's for example) with a jumper for selection
  • Battery monitor connection via analog input


Here are some of the standard wiring options although, there are much more on the Lynxmotion MES - Power Distribution Board (PDB) wiki.
Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano to MES-PDB Wiring
MES-PDB-Wiring-Board-One MES-PDB-Wiring-Board-Quad MES-PDB-Wiring-Board-Hex MES-PDB-Wiring-Board-Octo
single ESC Quadcopter (4) Hexacopter (6) Octocopter (8)
  More information: Wiki - Lynxmotion MES - Power Distribution Board (PDB) RobotShop - Lynxmotion MES Power Distribution Board (PDB) for UAV  
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