Lynxmotion Crazy2Fly Sport UAV - Flight Video

  After being in the shadow of the VTail's UAV platforms, the Crazy2Fly is ready to take the place it deserves. With its easier to understand (and set up) Quad X (or +) configuration, you will be in air in no time. As the video shows, this baby is more than capable when it comes to acrobatic flight. It features a simple yet effective frame design and its G10 construction (a kind of fiberglass material) can bend a lot before breaking. The small frame size (340mm motor to motor) makes for a very agile yet lightweight machine which works flawlessly using stock MultiWii PID settings; a feature which is nice for someone who is just getting started.  
C2FA1-KT - RB-Lyn-710Lynxmotion Crazy2Fly Drone (Base Combo Kit)
  To really show the capability of this frame, we sent a Lynxmotion Crazy2Fly Drone (Base Combo Kit) to a capable pilot for a test flight. We think he did a good job of pushing the Crazy2Fly's limits.  
C2F-KT-SideCrazy2Fly Side Dimensions
C2F-KT-TopCrazy2Fly Top Dimensions
  Specifications: Used by the test pilot :
  • MultiWii Compatible Flight Controller
  • 1800mAh 3s 30C LiPo Battery
  • Unknown Radio System (5ch or higher)
Crazy2Fly Base Combo - ContentCrazy2Fly Base Combo - Content
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