Litter-Robot II Repair Guide – Chapter 5: Sensor Harness

In this chapter of our Litter-Robot II Repair Guide, we will help you replace the sensor harness on your Litter-Robot II.

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Litter-Robot II Repair Guide - Chapter 5: Sensor Harness

You can refer to our advanced troubleshooting guide to help you open up your Litter-Robot II.

Replace the Litter-Robot II sensor harness To replace the sensor harness, you will need a 5/16" socket, a ratchet and pliers.  

Removing the Litter-Robot II sensor harness

litter-robot-cat-sensor-1Remove the Black Cover to Reveal the Cat Sensor
litter-robot-cat-sensor-2Pull Out the Cat Sensor and the First Wire Connector Using Pliers
litter-robot-cat-sensor-3Disconnect the Second Wire Connector Using Pliers
litter-robot-circuit-boardRemove the Circuit Board Panel to Reveal the Circuit Board
litter-robot-circuit-board-1Locate the Sensor Harness Connectors
litter-robot-circuit-board-2Disconnect the Circuit Board

Open your Litter-Robot using our Litter-Robot II Advanced Troubleshooting Guide.

litter-robot-sensor-harness-1Open the Litter-Robot II and Pull the Circuit Board Connectors Into the Litter-Robot
litter-robot-motor-coverLocate the Black Cover Inside the Base
litter-robot-motor-insideRemoving the Black Cover Reveals the Motor and Safety Line Connections
litter-robot-motor-connectionsDisconnect the Motor from the Harness
litter-robot-motor-second-nutUse the Ratchet to Remove the Motor from the Base
litter-robot-sensor-harness-2Locate the Hall Effect Sensor Inside the Base
litter-robot-sensor-harness-3Pull Out the Hall Effect Sensor Holder from the Base
litter-robot-sensor-harness-4Remove the Hall Effect Sensor from the Holder
litter-robot-sensor-harness-5Locate the Power Switch Connections
litter-robot-sensor-harness-6Disconnect the First Wire Connector with the Pliers
litter-robot-sensor-harness-7Disconnect the Second Wire Connector with the Pliers
litter-robot-sensor-harness-8Disconnect the First Wire Connector of the Cat Safety Line Switch
litter-robot-sensor-harness-9Disconnect the Second Wire Connector of the Cat Safety Line Switch
litter-robot-sensor-harness-10Next is the Power Jack
litter-robot-sensor-harness-11Flip the Base Over and Locate the Power Jack
litter-robot-sensor-harness-12Remove the Nut from the Power Jack with Pliers
litter-robot-sensor-harness-13Finally, Remove the Power Jack to Remove the Harness from the Base

Installing the Litter-Robot II sensor harness

litter-robot-sensor-harness-14First, Install the Power Jack and Use the Pliers to Tighten the Nut
litter-robot-sensor-harness-16Flip the Base Over
litter-robot-sensor-harness-17Using Pliers, Connect One of the Black Wires to the Safety Line Switch
litter-robot-sensor-harness-18Connect the Other Black Wire to the Safety Line Switch
litter-robot-sensor-harness-19Connect a White Wire to the Power Switch
litter-robot-sensor-harness-20Connect the Other White Wire to the Power Switch


litter-robot-sensor-harness-22Take the Harness Sensor
litter-robot-sensor-harness-23Insert the Hall Effect Sensor into the Holder. The White Stripe Has to be Visible.
litter-robot-motor-second-nutInstall the Motor Using the Ratchet
litter-robot-motor-connectionsConnect the Motor to the Harness. Note the Green is Connected with the Red Wire and the Brown is Connected with the White Wire
litter-robot-motor-insideInsert the Motor Connections with the Safety Line Switch
litter-robot-motor-coverInstall the Black Cover
litter-robot-sensor-harness-24Install the Hall Effect Sensor Holder, Make Sure to Pass the Sensor Harness Between the Holder and the Base
litter-robot-sensor-harness-25Slide the Circuit Board Connections Under the Plastic Tab
litter-robot-circuit-board-2Pass the Circuit Board Connections Through the Base to the Front
litter-robot-circuit-board-1Connect the Circuit Board as Shown
litter-robot-circuit-boardThe Circuit Board is Installed
litter-robot-cat-sensor-3Finally, Install the Blue Wire on the Cat Sensor Switch
litter-robot-cat-sensor-2Install the Black Wire on the Cat Sensor Switch
litter-robot-cat-sensor-1Slide the Cat Sensor Switch Under the Metal Trigger Plate
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