Lego Mindstorm NXT Controlled with Arduino

Posted on 23/07/2010 by carlos-31
Clinton Blackmore form the Southern Alberta Robotics Enthusiasts club put together some pretty neat software to control Lego NXT motors and sensors by using the Arduino microcontroller.
Lego NXT robot Controlled by ArduinoLego NXT robot Controlled by Arduino
As shown in the video below, he is using the Mindsesors Multiplexer for NXT Motors coupled with an Arduino Compatible Seeeduino in order to control a small robot made from Lego NXT parts, read NXT encoders and more. All the required code for the Arduino can be found in the NXT I2C Devices For Arduino Project Page. The possibilities that this enables are almost endless.  Especially when considering that now Arduino Shields can be used in order to extend the capabilities of the Lego NXT parts. Via Make.
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