Learn How to Teach Yourself and Others About Robotics

Even though robots have been part of your world for years now, they may seem beyond your ability, but that notion is just not true. In fact, if you yearn to design and assemble your own advanced machine, you can begin learning robotics today. 

You may have a practical reason to pursue robotics. Perhaps you have a specific application in mind for your home or at the office. If you are an educator, you may need to teach STEM notions or help students with their school projects or robotics club activities. Or maybe you just want to have some fun with a DIY project. RobotShop can help you with all of these needs. 

Tap Necessary Resources

Robotics education is available to everyone who wants to learn and who is willing to invest the time needed to master the necessary skills. This education does not have to be expensive. You can find free and inexpensive resources that will teach you the basics and allow you to build more complicated models as time goes by.

You will need to learn about basic notions, materials, parts, and tools. But take baby steps! When you learn notions and their related practical application, you then know what combine together to bring your creation come to life!

Tap Necessary Resources to Learn Robotics

RobotShop offers you tutorials, forums, blogs, and news items at no charge. You can also purchase kits to build or ready-to-use robots for your own enjoyment or to use in your role as an educator. There are projects for all ages, including small children who will get their first experience at coding. Best of all, you can learn alongside them if you wish. Most importantly, you can chart your own learning course when you take advantage of these in-depth resources.

Join the Robotics Community

You will speed your robotics education by joining a community, such as the RobotShop Community. This passionate online robotics community shares ideas, offers important tips, and gives you constant encouragement. When you log into the community, you can learn from the free tutorials or create one of your own. You can also chat with other robotics fans using any of your computing devices. And, perhaps best of all, you can show off your robot in all its home-built glory. It's truly a one-stop resource for robotics education.

Take your teaching and learning to a whole new level by putting your knowledge and experience to the test! When you learn something new or understand complex notions, you can then start helping others! Joining a community, sharing your ideas, and interacting with other fellow robotics enthusiasts make a difference. Currently, the RobotShop community includes the following:

  • 97000+ members
  • 37000+ forum posts
  • 66 published tutorials
  • 3350+ robots published
  • 1800+ blogs published

It's an exciting and productive place to be while on your robotics journey. You, your entire family, and your hobby buddies will be welcome there. Be warned - once you join the community, you'll have trouble pulling yourself away.

Buy Quality Items

Valid educational resources are essential to your success, but your efforts will fail if you do not get the quality kits and parts that you need to build your robots. You can start by purchasing assembled robots that your children can enjoy. Or at the other end of the spectrum, you can plan your own robot and order the necessary parts from the site. No matter what your skill level is, you'll find the right items in the RobotShop Store; it is really a one-stop-shop! 

If UAVs or drones interest you, you can buy the latest industry offerings, choosing one you can fly remotely or one that can fly autonomously. All of these options are available from quality companies such as those featured at RobotShop.

Buy Quality Items and Verify Their Compatibility

Never buy random parts and expect them to fit together! It is not safe to combine them if you don't know their specifications, compatibility, and functions. Once you understand the basics, you can start experimenting with a microcontroller or computer board, such as a micro:bit, an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi board. If you are more advanced, there are other tools and equipment, like CNC machines, 3D printers, which are definitely a must for robot makers as you get more experienced and knowledgeable. But careful, these may require higher levels of comfort in electronics & robotics.

Stay Current With Robotics News

Once you learn the basics, you may want to stay current with the latest breakthroughs in the industry. The RobotShop Community News section offers over 3000 curated news items covering an enormous range of topics. You can stay informed without searching the internet for the latest news or struggling to separate valid offerings from rumors. Plus, you can share your own news with the community. You simply log in and submit your news for evaluation. You then become an active and vital part of the robotics conversation.

Stay Up to Date and Learn About the Robotics Field

Get Started in Robotics Now

Learning robotics is literally at your fingertips. By using the extensive resources at RobotShop, you can go from an eager beginner to an accomplished teacher, builder, and innovator. Take advantage of the tutorials, tips, and projects that the site offers. Here are some tutorials you can start with:

Remember, technical help is provided on the RobotShop Community forum, as well as guidance for projects. Interacting with this community of robotics lovers may be the most valuable asset available to you. You can trade experiences, ask specific questions and receive encouragement. Your robotics journey should be fun and informative, and the people on the RobotShop site will ease your way. So don't postpone your education any longer. Check out the site and begin your learning experience today. 

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