LavvieBot S: Why You Should Get it

The long-awaited arrival of the LavvieBot S is now over! The LavvieBot S automatic self-cleaning litter box is now available for purchase at After being available on pre-order for several months, LavvieBot S can finally be ordered, so you and your cat(s) can finally enjoy the most sophisticated robotic litter box on the market.

Why Buy the LavvieBot S?

Anyone who owns a cat knows how annoying it is to scoop and clean cat litter boxes. Of course, there are a lot of robotic litter boxes out there, but when it comes to the best pet care, in terms of functionality and design, LavvieBot S is the ultimate all-in-one domestic robotic solution for cat owners!

This Smart Cat Litter Box auto-cleans and auto-refills, but that’s not all that makes it so exceptional! Here is why you should get the LavvieBot S for your cat(s) in your household:

Odor Management & Easy Maintenance

Wastes stink, that’s a sure thing with cat litter boxes, but the fact that the LavvieBot S is always adding a fresh litter bed makes a big difference for odor control. Moreover, the waste drawer has a sealed lid, and since it only opens during the cleaning cycle, it helps minimize the smell! 

Unlike regular litter boxes, you do not need extra hacks for eliminating the bad smell. The robot effectively neutralizes odor through its gel-type deodorizer, which absorbs up to 93.9% of ammonia. By replacing the deodorizer within two months, the LavvieBot S will remain free of odor!

The LavvieBot S features a deodorizer that controls odors.

If you are worried about residual litter around the house, rest assured! The entrance of LavvieBot S is designed to keep litter from spreading, even if you have multiple cats! It will simply fall back into the tray as your cat jumps out.

LavvieBot S has a convenient entrance that allows cats to jump out without spreading litter around the house.


Finally, the non-stick material on the bottom of the tray always keeps itself hygienically clean and protected from deep cat scratches, preventing waste from sticking!

Safety Guaranteed & Convenient Design 

Even if your cat is initially cautious, the adaptation period in LavvieBot S will happen in a matter of days thanks to its detachable tray! The robot will quickly become a safe place to enter and use for your cat. And you can easily access the interior of the LavvieBot S with its convenient side door!

LavvieBot S has a detachable litter tray.


Apart from its dashing and modern look, this smart automatic litter box can recognize each cat and ensure their safety. If your feline friend enters during the auto-clean cycle, LavvieBot S will detect its entry and safely retract the separator. Its control panel features buttons that are indented, preventing cats from pressing them accidentally!

The LavvieBot S buttons are indented to prevent cats from pressing them.


LavvieBot S features a rake system which effectively gets rid of your cat’s waste. The mechanism demonstrates exceptional cleaning ability, preventing breakage, and while keeping noise levels surprisingly low.

LavvieBot S helps save time: it will scoop for you, refill litter and stock waste in a drawer.


LavvieBot S can accommodate almost all cat types, except for naturally large breeds. One robot per maximum two cats is recommended. You don’t need a fancy type of litter, simply a clumping litter with medium-sized particles, such as bentonite or natural litters.

PurrSong App for Health & Use Monitoring

If you are worried about your furry friends’ health, here is the feature that will allow you to monitor their health in real time! With the usage data provided by the PurrSong app, you will be able to know if your cat does not go frequently or enters the robot too often, and thus know if there may be health concerns. LavvieBot S can also recognize each cat in a multi-cat household!

LavvieBot S uses the PurrSong app, which is supported by Android and IOS devices.

Also, this Smart Litter Box notifies you through the app, so you can get updates on the waste and litter levels and know when to change the waste bag or when to add litter in the storage bin. You simply need to download the free App available on Android or iOS devices. 

Hassle-Free Experience

The LavvieBot S is built to last! It’s effective and its well-thought conception makes the difference! But if you or your cat(s) are not fully satisfied with the product, for any reason, you can take advantage of the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee offered by RobotShop (some conditions apply). Like most products, it also comes with a warranty that covers repair or replacement during a certain period in case of a defect caused by a manufacturing problem.

LavvieBot S is easy to use for cat owners.


Apart from that, RobotShop’s team of experts can assist you with troubleshooting, support, resources, and more, even after the manufacturer’s warranty! In addition, you will find a variety of replacement parts available for purchase on, as well as the waste bags and the gel-type deodorizers designed by the manufacturer.

Still Not Convinced?

Here is what customers have to say about it so far: 

By Laurene
I recommend it
"My two cats and I are really pleased with this product. I recommend it"

By Nick
Bigger than I thought
"When I first got it, I thought wow this is big. So far, it's very good and controls smell very well. Before this, I tried another brand and it did not control the smell at all so, so far, I'm very happy with my purchase."

By Maria
Works perfectly!
"My cat started using it really fast. Even sleeps on top of it now so I added a blanket for her."

With its self-cleaning and odor control feature, you will save time and almost forget that there is a litter box in your house! With RobotShop, you can even pay monthly (in certain countries only, conditions may apply)! 

Let a robot handle the litter box chore and refill litter for you! Here is your chance to get your LavvieBot S : 


Buy Your LavvieBot S Now
(North America)
      Buy Your LavvieBot S Now



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