iRobot RP-VITA - Telepresence Robot For Hospitals

iRobot already has robots for the home, the military and even for undersea exploration. In 2009, iRobot launched "iRobot Healthcare", but until now we have not heard much from that division. Now, with the release of RP-VITA  (based on iRobot's AVA platform), iRobot is making its way into hospitals and once again, potentially saving many lives. The RP-VITA, which is a joint collaboration between iRobot and InTouch Health  stands about 5' 4" and the screen (a pivoting touch tablet) can angle to look at patients and help navigate busy hallways. The new robot will allow doctors to interact with patients in other hospitals, and also to monitor patients using otoscopes, ultrasound, stethoscopes and more. The initial rental fee is about $4000 to $6000 per month, not including a doctor. Although this might seem high, remote locations are having to pay higher and higher salaries to have doctors on site, so $50,000 is a small price to pay to be able to interact with any doctor around the world.
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