Introducing the EVE3 Modules –The Most Recent Generation of Riverdi Intelligent Displays Solutions

We are glad to introduce the latest technology of the famous EVE displays – the EVE3 modules.

Riverdi Uxtouch EVE3
 EVE3 Riverdi 7"  UxTouch modules

This third generation of Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology brings us Brigdetek’s BT81x graphics controllers with all sorts of upgrades and abilities.

The major advantage, in contrast with the older series, is support for the Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) algorithm. This indicates image quality can be notably greater without the need of larger bandwidth to be allocated as the compression algorithm permits for smaller compressed files.

You can imagine that saves up a lot of memory which is required when using larger fonts and data-heavy images.

Riverdi 5.0" resistive touch

 EVE3 Riverdi 3.5" resistive touch module

If you have been a fan of the preceding EVE modules, you're sure to like the EVE3 ones.

You can analyze more about the EVE3 benefits at the product web page of each EVE3 display module. So, head to the shop, and get the one that suits your application the best! 

In any case of question, please contact the Riverdi team on our new communication tool - the helpdesk! 
The little icon on the bottom right side of the website allows you to talk with us directly :)

Riverdi website communicator kayako
Check the EVE3 modules and see you on the helpdesk! :)

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