Hatchimals Hatch at RobotShop, What Are These Creatures?

Posted on 14/11/2016 by jgendron in Domestic
New toys hit the market every holiday season, but few generate the energy and excitement that comes along with Hatchimals. At RobotShop, we are proud to announce that we are hatching some of these new toys, and they are available for pre-order through our website.
What Are Hatchimals? A surprise! With the success of blind box toys like Shopkins and TokiDoki figures, it shouldn't be a surprise that kids love the element of mystery. Combining cutting-edge toy technology with the joy of pet ownership, Hatchimals let kids enjoy the process of owning and raising an interactive pet, while mom and dad can ignore the responsibilities of pet ownership like scooping litter boxes or putting out food. Pokemon Go players will enjoy the same element of mystery that comes along with hatching an egg while walking around the neighborhood. The Hatchimals concept is similar, but in the real world, not a virtual game.
hactchmal-with-packageHatchimals Egg
Every Hatchimal arrives in an egg and with the right care, the egg hatches. Spin Master toy designers have not announced the finished creature designs, so every kid can enjoy the surprise as their new robot toy "hatches" out of its egg. Once hatched, these toys continue to develop alongside their new owners.
hatched-hatchimalhatched Hatchimal
Why Hatchimals Are So Popular With all of the frenzy about this new toy, it is not surprising that they are impossible to find. Few toys generate the same level of buzz and interest, and a lot of it probably comes from the mystery element. Not only do kids get the fun of unwrapping a gift, they get the same opportunity by helping to hatch their newest friend. Not knowing which animal is inside the egg helps keep the excitement level high as kids play with their enclosed egg.
draggles-hatchimalsDifferent Hatchimals
Once it hatches, kids enjoy an interactive toy that can move and make sounds. Its eyes will change color to let kids know how it is feeling. Even the egg is interactive and asks for attention. Kids can tap and hear their unborn Hatchimal tap back. Rubbing the bottom of the egg can help improve their mood. Hatchimals even get the hiccups and kids can help by patting the bottom of the egg. About 25 minutes of play will cause the Hatchimal to hatch.
Where to Find Hatchimals With all of the functionality and layers to this toy, it is no surprise that early shipments flew off the shelves after the toy was released on October 7th. Even the November shipment sold out faster than expected.
hatchimlas-with-childHatchimals With Child
Pre-Orders and When to Expect a New Shipment Yes, these toys are currently sold out. But don't panic parents, we are expecting a shipment of more Hatchimals in January. You can pre-order one today and deliver the gift only a little bit late or prepare for a next occasion. Packaging up a stuffed toy to act as a place-holder and showing your child videos can help get them excited about their new toy, even when it hasn't arrived yet. Every Hatchimal box has two different pictures, so you can get an idea of the final robot toy. If your kid collects, be sure to check the possibilities on the box cover to avoid a duplicate. Hatchimals combine the joy of the mystery box with a little bit of a preview. Order your Hatchimal today and enjoy the excited squeals and anticipation of your little ones after the New Year. Looking for alternatives to Hatchimlas? Read our blog post.
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