GoRobotics Merges with the RobotShop Blog

GoRobotics EducationGoRobotics Education
GoRobotics has been renewed and integrated into RobotShop blog. In the objective to keep one of the best online resources for robotic learning evolving and current, we revamped its looks, re-categorized its posts, added a bunch of new content and merged it with the RobotShop Blog.

Wait what?

All the resources from GoRobotics.net have been integrated along with the older RobotShop blog, and the RobotShop Learning Center to create a new comprehensive resource about robotics news and learning. Feel free to browse the entire GoRobotics contents.

So what does it change for me?

You will find all the GoRobotics content by going to the old addresses you are used to, or you can simply visit the GoRobotics category page. Also, if you were subscribed to the feeds, we recommend you update your  subscription and use the global feed from now now on: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RobotshopFeeds By following this feed or website, you will get all the latest robotics learning material and the latest robotic news.

Now what?

Now you can browse, explore, discover the new GoRobotics articles and rediscover the previous material under a new light. If you like (or hate) what you see leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.  
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