Google develops autonomous cars, becomes Skynet

Posted on 12/10/2010 by carlos-31 in Prototypes, Transport, Industry
Tags: Car, Google
Google Autonomous CarGoogle Autonomous Car
Google, the ubiquitous Internet giant, is leaning more and more towards robotics. Google's interest in robotics started with the clever naming of their Android cell phones, and continued with their acquisition of several UAVs. Now, they are road testing fully autonomous cars. These cars can navigate a urban environment 99% of the time without needing human intervention. They can do so thanks to numerous sensors such a LiDAR,radars, cameras and more. The car drives while a "pleasant female voice" narrates the manoeuvres that are performed. With this new move, Google is more and more akin to Skynet, the sentient AI from Terminator.
Google is SkynetGoogle is Skynet
Via BotJunkie.
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