Get a Neato XV-11 or XV-12 and Save 50$, Only for a Limited Time

Posted on 23/11/2011 by carlos-31 in Domestic, Vacuum
Tags: Neato, XV-11, XV-12
Buy the Neato Robotics XV-11 at RobotShop has a Thanksgiving treat for you. If you buy a Neato XV-11 vacuum cleaner between today and  November 29th, you will get an automatic 50$ discount. This is a very considerable savings that can allow you to get even more robots! I know what Canadian readers are thinking: "It is not thanksgiving in Canada, can we get the discount anyway?" The answer is yes! the discount is available to everyone. But you Canadians are special, because now you can order the new Neato XV-12 which is totally white and is only available for Canadian customers.
Neato XV-12The Neato XV-12 is white!
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