Get a Massage From WheeMe the Robot

Posted on 24/01/2013 by carlos-31 in Domestic
Wheeme Giving a MassageWheeme Giving a Massage
We tend to associate giving or receiving a massage as a process involving only humans - until now. Of course, robots don't need massages, so they tend to concentrate on providing them instead. The WheeMe Massage Robot by DreamBots is a  palm-size four wheeled robot that gently massages and caresses your body. Embodying unique tilt sensor technology, the WheeMe automatically and silently steers itself over your body without falling off or losing its grip. As it moves, the WheeMe's patented "fingerettes" gently stroke and caress your skin. It doesn't require any adjustments nor the assistance of another human. Just lie back and let it pamper you. It is safe and easy to operate, and can save you a lot of money if you use it to replace those expensive, professional human massages.
At RobotShop, we've got all you robotic needs covered (even the need to get massaged by a cute robot), this little massage robot is available for purchase immediately. Come get your WheeMe now.
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