Ecovacs Winbot Window Cleaner Unboxing

Posted on 17/07/2013 by jgendron in Domestic
The Winbot 730 from Ecovacs finally arrived and is available for immediate shipment. Want to know more about this robot? We opened up a brand new robot just for you. The Winbot 730 is part of a new line of window cleaners that does not need two halves that hold together with permanent magnets. Say goodbye to needing a friend on the other side of the window to help you. This window cleaner is very easy to use and is the only robot window cleaner that can be used on windows of any thickness. Lets take a look at what's inside the box:
Winbot BoxWinbot Box
The Winbot comes with all necessary manuals and quick start card so you can set up your Winbot to clean in no time.
Winbot ManualsWinbot Manuals

Under the manuals, you'll find all the robots accessories.

Winbot AccessoriesWinbot Accessories

You have the cleaning solution and the cleaning and drying pads.

Winbot Cleaning Pads and SolutionWinbot Cleaning Pads and Solution

Also included is a remote control and charger.

Winbot Charger and RemoteWinbot Charger and Remote
You'll also find safety accessories; the safety pod and the safety rope. When your robot is cleaning windows above ground level you must use these accessories to tie your robot to the window. This way if a fault happens your robot will be safely hanging on the rope. This safety feature is needed since the Winbot does not function with safety magnets that hold two units together. It uses two powerful suction rings to hold itself against the surface of the window.
Winbot Safety Pod and RopeWinbot Safety Pod and Rope

The winbot is small and lightweight and is easy to carry around from window to window with it's handle.

Winbot 730Winbot 730
Winbot 730 FrontWinbot 730 Front

On the other side of the robot you have the two areas for the cleaning and drying pads and very soft rubber tracks that will not scratch your windows. In the center you have the robots cupule. It has two suction rings for safety protection. If the outer ring senses any loss of suction, a signal will be sent to winbots controller for it to select a new cleaning path.

Winbot 730 UndersideWinbot 730 Underside
Winbot CupuleWinbot Cupule
  See more information on the Winbot with our unboxing video:
Order your Winbot today and cross window cleaning off your list.  
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