Ecovacs Deebot D77 Unboxing

Posted on 30/05/2014 by jgendron in Domestic, Vacuum
The Deebot D77 system will change everything you thought you knew about robotic vacuums. It is the first 3-in-1 robot in it's class to empty itself automatically when it returns to it's docking station. You therefore no longer need to empty the dust bin after every few cleaning cycles. The canister is much larger and can be emptied infrequently. This can save you a lot of time maintaining your robot vacuum. This robot vacuum also incorporates other features which will be mentioned during this unboxing of the Deebot D77 robot vacuum.
deebot-d77-box-frontDeebot D77 Box Front
deebot-d77-boxDeebot D77 Box Back
The Deebot D77 box is quite large considering that it comes with many accessories. Luckily RobotShop offers free shipping within North America for orders over $250. You therefore do not need to worry about paying shipping fees for this large product.
deebot-d77-open-boxEcovacs Robots
The Deebot D77 is a fully automatic robot and has many accessories. The large accessory case includes, a handheld canister vacuum with 12 different accessories. It also includes a remote control for you to start and stop the vacuum or make it clean a certain area manually.
deebot-d77-accessory-case-in-boxDeebot D77 Accessory Case
deebot-d77-accesory-caseInside Deebot D77 Accessory Case
deebot-d77-accessoriesDeebot D77 Accessories
With the handheld vacuum and its accessories, you can easily clean other surfaces in your home. Cleaning ceilings, walls, closets, and even stairs has never been easier. No need to have another vacuum cleaner for hard to reach areas. All you will need is the Deebot D77.
deebot-d77-in-boxDeebot D77 Vacuum In Box
deebot-d77-removed-from-box-1Deebot D77 Vacuum Packaged
deebot-d77-removed-from-boxDeebot D77 With Docking Station
The Deebot D7 is a very stylish robot vacuum. It has nice curves and an easy to understand control panel. The color will also fit in most home decors.
deebot-d77Deebot D77
deebot-d77-control-panelDeebot D77 Control Panel
Deeebot D77 can also be scheduled to clean at the day and time that you want it to clean via its control panel. This way it can clean even when you're not home. Then the bonus with this robot is that it will not need to be emptied when you get home.
deebot-d77-undersideDeebot D77 Underside
Deebot D77 has incorporated sensors to stop it from falling down the stairs, protect your furniture, and avoid obstacles in its path.
deebot-d77-main-brushDeebot D77 Brush
The Deebot D77 also has a large main brush to pick up larger debris as well as two side brushes. One on each side to make sure debris is pushed in the center of the robot to be picked up. They also help in cleaning close to walls and into corners.
deebot-d77-docking-stationDeebot D77 Docking Station
The top part of the docking station will hold the dust canister. This canister will pick up all dust coming from the robot aswell as anything picked up by the handheld vacuum.
deebot-d77-automatic-emptyingDeebot D77 Docking Station Suction Port
When it's cleaning job is finished, Deebot D77 will automatically return to its charging dock. The canister will then automatically suction the dirt from Deebot's dust bin from the hole found at the bottom of the docking station. The canister vacuum will turn on as well as the robots brushes to make sure that all debris is removed from the dust bin.
deebot-d77-docking-station-topDeebot D77 Docking Station Top
The complete unit with docking station is quit large but, does not take a lot more room than a standard robot vacuum, unless your robot vacuum is usually placed under furniture. In this case, the handheld vacuum must be placed in an area that it can be taken easily for cleaning stairs or other hard to reach areas for robot vacuums.
deebot-d77-frontDeebot D77 On Docking Station
deebot-D77-on-base-sideDeebot D77 On Docking Station Side
The Deebot has different cleaning patterns to make sure that it cleans all areas of your rooms before returning to the docking station. We were impressed with this vacuum since it is the first one in it's class to be fully automatic from scheduling, to cleaning to docking and emptying automatically. Being able to have a handheld vacuum close by is also a very nice feature. It also prevents customers to have to buy one separately.
The Deebot D77 is available and in stock for purchase at RobotShop.
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