Domestic Robot Assistant for the household

Posted on 12/02/2010 by vabry in Domestic, Vacuum
Tags: Neato
Robot assistant Adopt a robot assistant into the household! TheRobotics Research Institute at the University of Tokyo (Tokyo University's IRT) has developed a robot that can assist you in your daily domestic tasks. The IRT is financed by big companies like Toyota, Olympus, SEGA, Toppan, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. The prototype measures 5 ft in height, weighs 287 lbs and has 32 degrees of freedom. Currently, the robot can clean the floor, clear the table, collect things to put them in the garbage or even put them back where they go, collect your dirty laundry and put it in the washing machine. It is equipped with 6 wheels, a battery that lasts up to 1 hour, 5 cameras on its head, a laser and ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles. The prototype is equipped with SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) like the long-awaited Neato. This is still just a project for IRT because isn't looking to market this robot for mass production for another 10 to 15 years. This everyday companion will cost around $10,000 U.S., but by then considerable progress and lower costs will surely have been reached.
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