DFRobotShop Rover 2.0 Soon Available For Pre-order

Posted on 01/08/2011 by carlos-31 in RobotShop
The DFRobotShop Rover is the most affordable programmable mobile robot and no doubt, one of the most popular.  This Arduino-based tracked platform is pretty neat and is very useful for beginners or seasoned roboticists who need a versatile robotic platform that just works.
DFRobotShop RoverOriginal DFRobotShop Rover - Mobile Tracked Arduino Based Robot
Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. That is why , we listened to our customer's requests and are now happy to announce the 2.0 version of this amazing platform.
DFRobotShop Rover 2.0DFRobotShop Rover 2.0 Mecanum Kit
The DFRobotShop Rover 2.0 will have many new features such as 2 XBee Ports, a built-in LiPo charger, and some prototyping space. All the original tracked kits will be upgraded to the new version including the various flavours (Basic, XBee, Bluetooth, and Speech Recognition). A new WiFi kit is also in the works. There is also a new upcoming kit (as seen in the picture above and below) : The 4WD  Mecanum kit that will include four Mecanum wheels for holonomic motion, four encoders, a larger battery and a huge load of coolness.
DFRobotShop Rover 2.0 - Preliminary PictureDFRobotShop Rover 2.0 Mecanum Kit - Preliminary Picture
The new DFRobotShop Rover 2.0 and the Mecanum kit will be available mid to late September 2011. For now, you can start by pre-ordering the Mecanum kit here.
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