Boxing Week Sale! Up To 75% Off Dec. 20 to 28

Boxing Week SaleBoxing Week Sale

Up to 75% off selected products from Dec. 20th to Dec. 28th at RobotShop. Over 300 products on sale.

Some of the products on sale during boxing week:


Buccaneer 3D Printer

Buccaneer 3D PrinterBuccaneer 3D Printer
75% Off • 3D printer with wireless connectivity • Uses fused filament fabrication printing technology • Explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing • Max print size: 130mm x 96mm x 139mm

IdeaFly Hero 550 RTF Quadcopter

IdeaFly Hero 550 RTF QuadcopterIdeaFly Hero 550 RTF Quadcopter
35% Off • Aerial photography / video quadcopter • Includes everything except camera • Excellent stability control • Enclosed frame resists rain and rust

Iron Man-2 4WD Chassis for Arduino

Iron Man-2 4WD Chassis for ArduinoIron Man-2 4WD Chassis for Arduino
30% Off • 4 metal gear motors (6V 33.5 220RPM) • Designed with plenty compatible mounting holes for various sensors • Up to 5 lbs. carrying capability • Excellent ability to surmount obstacles

T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit

T4 Transforming Solar Robot KitT4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit
30% Off • Completely solar-powered robotic kit • Many transformations and equipped with larger parts • Easily convertible between one of four different modes • Kit to explain about mechanical transmissions • Ages: 8+

Electronic Bird Feeder

Electronic Bird FeederElectronic Bird Feeder
25% • Automatically feeds preset quantities of food to your pets housed in a wired cage (Birds, Iguana etc.) • Bird feeder having compact and pleasing design • Detachable storage container for easy cleaning • Digital timer attached allows 8 programs per day of your choice

Hubsan Q4 Nano QuadCopter

Hubsan Q4 Nano QuadCopterHubsan Q4 Nano QuadCopter
25% Off • Tiny miniature Quadcopter • 4 channel beginner friendly • Charge time: 30 minutes • Flight time: 5 minutes

Follow Me Robot Kit

Follow Me Robot KitFollow Me Robot Kit
20% Off • Construct your own sound detecting robot • Clap, and your robot will respond and move in the direction of the sound • Ages 12 and up. No soldering required

PowerUp 3.0 Smarphone Paper Airplane Kit

PowerUp 3.0 Smarphone Paper Airplane KitPowerUp 3.0 Smarphone Paper Airplane Kit
20% Off • World's first smartphone controlled paper airplane kit • Turns self-made paper airplane into smartphone-controlled flying machine • Bluetooth smart technology enabling over 10 minutes of flight • Includes spare propeller and rudder • Ages: 14+

MakeBlock Project Self-Balancing Robot

MakeBlock Project Self-Balancing RobotMakeBlock Project Self-Balancing Robot
 25% Off • Easy to assemble self-balancing robot • Includes 3-Axis accelerometer and gyro sensor • Calculate appropriate driving force for the robot • Good tool for you to learn programming

Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Night - Diesel

Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Night - DieselParrot MiniDrone Jumping Night - Diesel
 25% Off • Equipped with two powerful LED lights with adjustable intensity • Can also send light signals to indicate that the coast is clear or to give notice of a danger • Can patrol and take complete video reports • Ages 13+

Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit

Squishy Circuits Deluxe KitSquishy Circuits Deluxe Kit
 25% Off • Uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits • Most complete Squishy Circuits kit • Comes with pre-made doughs • Includes a deluxe battery holder

Afinibot A1 Delta 3D Printer (Unassembled)

Afinibot A1 Delta 3D Printer (Unassembled)Afinibot A1 Delta 3D Printer (Unassembled)
 20% Off • Easy to Install and operate A1 3D Printer • Smartly designed with LCD controller for clear view • Includes aluminium Bed and sturdy metal crafted Extruder for easy working • Can be used for different purposes like Art, Architectural design, school education etc.

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