Black Friday Treasure Hunt Sale 2016 - Free Products Results!

Posted on 29/11/2016 by jgendron in Domestic, Vacuum, Toys, RobotShop

Congratulations to all the customers that found a free product hidden in our product catalog during our Black Friday Treasure Hunt Sale!

Friday Treasure Hunt SaleFriday Treasure Hunt Sale
Again this year, our Black Friday Treasure Hunt Sale was a hit. A huge peak of visitors even caused issues with our website and we therefore apologize for any inconvenience caused. In all this frenzy, we hope you enjoyed the hunt and left with a free product. Come back again for products for your family and friends for the upcoming holidays.

Here are examples of products that were free during our Treasure Hunt Sale:


Cube® 3D Printer Silver

Cube 3D PrinterCube 3D Printer
$1300 Value • Easy 3D printer for the home • Only Plug-and-play 3D printer that works straight out of the box • Chosen by MAKE magazine as the ''easiest to use'' and ''most reliable'' personal 3D printer • Compatible with ABS and PLA cartridges

Makeblock mBot-Blue STEM Educational Programmable Robot (Bluetooth version)

Makeblock mBot-Blue STEM Educational Programmable Robot Makeblock mBot-Blue STEM Educational Programmable Robot
$95 Value • Hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics • Easy to assemble and blue colored • Based on Scratch 2.0 and Arduino IDE • Includes an IR remote control

Kamigami Programmable Robot Kit Inari (Red)

Kamigami Programmable Robot Kit Inari (Red)Kamigami Programmable Robot Kit Inari (Red)
$80 Value • App-enabled kamigami robot kit • Your very own buildable, programmable robot • No additional tools or parts required for assembly • Robot kit includes everything you need

Winbot 730 Window Cleaning Robot

Winbot 730 Window Cleaning Robot Winbot 730 Window Cleaning Robot
$380 Value • Cleans glass of any thickness • Outstanding cleaning efficiency and easy to use • Extraordinary safety protection with user-friendly design

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash RobotWonder Workshop Dash Robot
$150 Value • Interactive educational and customizable robot • Able to sense its environment and wirelessly programmable • Moves, glows, makes sounds and interact with each other • Fully assembled and ready to play • Ages: 5+

WowWee Miposaur Robotic Companion

WowWee Miposaur Robotic CompanionWowWee Miposaur Robotic Companion
$100 Value • Equipped with GestureSense Technology to respond immediately • Responds to 10 basic commands • Can follow, chase, guard and react differently to it depending on its mood • Age: 8+

Hubsan Q4 Nano QuadCopter

Hubsan Q4 Nano QuadCopterHubsan Q4 Nano QuadCopter
$25 Value • Tiny miniature Quadcopter • 4 channel beginner friendly • Charge time: 30 minutes • Flight time: 5 minutes

WheeMe Massage Robot (Red)

WheeMe Massage Robot (Red)WheeMe Massage Robot (Red)
$60 Value • White/Red color massage Robot • Palm-size robot that gently massages • Safe and easy to operate • Automatically and silently steers itself over your body

e.zixtreme WiFi Full HD Sport Camera

e.zixtreme WiFi Full HD Sport Camera e.zixtreme WiFi Full HD Sport Camera
$350 Value • Rugged HD camera similar to a GoPro • ios and android compatible applications • WIFI function, 8mp resolution, 4 light settings, HDMI port • Able to immediately transfer media to a smartphone

Mami KF5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Mami KF5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mami KF5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
 $240 Value • All in one robot cleaner with detachable microfiber pad • Smart automatic charging system to charge automatically • Powerful battery to vacuum up to 120 minutes between charges • Cleans all types of floors: Carpet, wood floor, laminate and PVC

Clocky Robotic Alarm Clock - Chrome

Clocky Robotic Alarm Clock - ChromeClocky Robotic Alarm Clock - Chrome
$38 Value • Robotic alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don't wake up! • Beeps and flashes as it runs around your bedroom looking for a place to hide • umps off your nightstand from up to 3 feet

Horizon Super Capacitor Science Kit

Horizon Super Capacitor Science KitHorizon Super Capacitor Science Kit
$165 Value • Super capacitor science Kit • Create energy from the hand crank • Introduces extraordinary storage and power of the super capacitor

MetaWatch Smartwatch Strata Black Stealth

MetaWatch Smartwatch Strata Black StealthMetaWatch Smartwatch Strata Black Stealth
$100 Value • Lightweight, durable, comfortable and eye catching smartwatch • 5 ATM water resistant body and anti-glare optical coated glass lens • Display: 96 x 96 pixel sunlight-readable • Wireless technology: Dual Mode, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

Snap Circuits Jr. 100-in-1 Experiments Kit

Snap Circuits Jr. 100-in-1 Experiments KitSnap Circuits Jr. 100-in-1 Experiments Kit
$35 Value • Build your own circuits by snapping together up to 30 parts • Full-color assembly manual with 100 exciting projects • Ages 8 and up. Does not require soldering • No tools required

Arduino Esplora

Arduino EsploraArduino Esplora
$50 Value • Microcontroller: ATmega32u4 • Provides ready-to-use set of onboard sensors for interaction • Designed to get up and running with Arduino without learning electronics • Includes onboard sound and light outputs, input sensors etc. Uno USB Microcontroller Rev 3 Uno USB Microcontroller Rev Uno USB Microcontroller Rev 3
$24 Value • Best board to get started with electronics and coding • Most used and documented board of the whole Arduino & Genuino family • If this is your first experience with electronics and coding, the UNO is the most robust board you can start playing with • Based on the ATmega328P

LED Solution Conductivity Educational Experimental Kit (20pk)

LED Solution Conductivity Educational Experimental Kit (20pk)LED Solution Conductivity Educational Experimental Kit (20pk)
$299 Value • LED conductivity indicator for class • Useful in neutralization and aqueous solution conductivity experiments • Can be attached to a lab support • Set of 20

T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit

T4 Transforming Solar Robot KitT4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit
$20 Value • Completely solar-powered robotic kit • Many transformations and equipped with larger parts • Easily convertible between one of four different modes • Ages: 8+

M-1750 10MHz Digital Multimeter

M-1750 10MHz Digital MultimeterM-1750 10MHz Digital Multimeter
$33 Value • 3 3/4 Digit, 4000 Count Display • Frequency to 10MHz • Capacitance to 200µF • Relative Measurement

And many more!

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