Android + Arduino + ROS = Cloud Robotics

Another important announcement for the field of robotics was made at Google IO 2011 that complements the announcement for the Android Open Accessory Kit. As shown in the video below about Cloud Robotics (this presentation is very interesting and explores somewhat involved robot programming), there is a new implementation of ROS, the popular operating system for robots, that runs directly on Android. Even PR2 was invited to the talk!

This means that any ROS compatible robot  (including Arduino-based robots) can be controlled via an Android phone, including the popular PR2. This interoperability and the power of cloud computing could provide robots, in the future, with better abilities especially when facing unexpected situations. With the power of the cloud, robots can offload complex computations and thus require less electrical power for computations. They could also learn new skills on the fly without needing to have all possible skills installed at once.

We are also happy to see that this technology is accessible to everyone through the use of Arduino and Open Hardware. RobotShop's initiative is compatible with this vision ans also aims to give robots, and robot owners, the power of the cloud though Open Hardware and Software.

Via Google IO.
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