2013 Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon Announced

Global Cloud Robotics HackathonGlobal Cloud Robotics Hackathon
The 2013 Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon has been announced! This year, the organizers are addressing the issue of robot remote monitoring via MyRobots.com:
Robots are intended to be autonomous agents that go about minding their own business and accomplishing their tasks. However, no matter how advanced a robot is, it can always mess up or be in distress. This also applies to humans, by the way. By focusing on robot monitoring and supervision, we hope participants will be able to create interesting applications that would allow them to better understand their robot's performance and behavior. We believe this is one of the main fields where cloud robotics can be truly useful and immediately beneficial.

- Carlos Asmat, Cloud Robotics Hackathon organizer

The event will take place from April 6th to April 14th during the National Robotics Week and invites seasoned roboticists as well as neophytes from all over the world to take part in this competition. The event is cloud-based, so there are no physical restrictions or strict time constraints. However, not everything stays in thin air. The top three participants will be selected to win cash prizes adding up to 3000$.
3000$ Cash Prizes3000$ Cash Prizes
Also, all participants will receive a discount coupon from RobotShop. The coupon can be use to acquire  the official MyDFRobotShop Rover Kit or the MyRobots Connect. Are you interested? Do you want to win cash prizes? Most importantly, do you love robots? If you answered yes to any of these questions, stop waiting and register today! Via Cloud Robotics Hackathon.
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