6-Year-Old Child Builds and Flies Lynxmotion VTail Drone

Posted on 30/07/2015 by jgendron in Lynxmotion
Drones were flying at the Jason Gymnasium floor in Jefferson City last week for the intergenerational pilot program, created by the Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and the Paula J. Carter Center. We were very impressed to see that children as young as 6 joined in on the building, learning and flying of the Lynxmotion VTail Drones.
lynxmotion-vtailLynxmotion VTail
“This is an opportunity for intergenerational groups to be involved in robotics in a fun way,” said Research Engineer Greg Pierson. Two teams built the Lynxmotion UAVs as adults taught younger children how they work and how to fly them. Flying takes practice and many adults and children were up to challenge and lived a wonderful experience. “I don’t remember ever having that much fun,” a team member said. “I can’t believe we built that.”
Teaching Lynxmotion VTailTeaching Lynxmotion VTail
The Lynxmotion Hunter VTail is a high performance quadcopter that uses two angled rear propellers. The frame uses G10 fiberglass composite which is incredibly rigid and lightweight and offers significant price advantages over carbon fiber. The hardware is entirely metal, using lightweight aluminium standoffs, steel screws and lock nuts. Read full story Photo Teaching Lynxmotion VTail by Julie Smith
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