50 Billion Connected Devices by 2020, How Many Robots?

Posted on 30/12/2010 by carlos-31 in Cloud Robotics, Industry
Tags: Singularity
Internet of ThingsInternet of Things
Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, believes there will be over 50 Billion "connected devices" by 2020. The world's leading telecom provider says that "in the future everything that would benefit from being connected will be connected". This effectively creates the upcoming Internet of things, and many of these things will be robots. More precisely, around 100 million robots are predicted to be in operation between 2020 and 2035. This prediction goes well with the vision of "one robot in every home" envisioned by Bill Gates back in 2007. We have yet to know what would be the effects and implications of this extreme connectivity in our daily lives. Only the future will tell. Via Robotland.
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