3D Printing Canada/USA Joins Forces with RobotShop Marketplace

MIRABEL, Quebec & HAMILTON, Ontario – RobotShop.com, the world's leading source of robotics technology, and 3D Printing Canada/USA, a premier provider of 3D printing technology in North America, are excited to announce a strategic partnership that will significantly expand the RobotShop Marketplace. This collaboration introduces over 40 new brands and thousands of new products, including a diverse range of 3D printers, filaments, resins, and parts.

Since its creation in 2003, RobotShop has been at the forefront of providing robotics technology globally. Present in several territories including Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia, RobotShop sells in more than 200 countries and today offers more than 500 different brands representing thousands of robots or parts and components used to build robotic applications. In September 2020, RobotShop launched its marketplace, allowing manufacturers and suppliers of robotic products to sell directly on its e-commerce platform.  This partnership with 3D Printing Canada/USA, marks a significant step in enhancing the variety and quality of products available to RobotShop's customers.

3D Printing Canada/USA, known for its high-quality 3D printers and filaments, brings to the table a wealth of experience in professional and home-based 3D printer maintenance, supplies, and training. Their expertise in industrial design, particularly in aerospace, automotive, and power generation, complements RobotShop's commitment to making robotics technology accessible to everyone.

"We are thrilled to partner with 3D Printing Canada/USA," said Julie Gendron, COO at RobotShop. "Their extensive range of products and deep expertise in 3D printing technology align perfectly with our vision of a world enriched by robotics. This partnership will provide our customers with an even broader selection of high-quality robotics and 3D printing products."

Chris Niedojadlo, Director of Sales at 3D Printing Canada/USA, added, "Joining forces with RobotShop represents a significant milestone for us. We are excited to bring our products and services to a wider audience and contribute to the growing world of robotics and 3D printing."

This partnership is set to benefit both hobbyists and professionals by providing access to a more extensive range of products and services. Customers can expect to find everything from advanced 3D printers to a variety of printing materials and colors, including ABS, Nylon, PLA, and fiber-reinforced plastics.

The RobotShop Marketplace offers several advantages for manufacturers, notably the excellent reputation and visibility of the RobotShop brand in the field of robotics bringing a large number of visitors, amateurs and professionals with a keen interest in emerging technologies, as well as a large community promoting communication, mutual aid and technical support. The platform also contains advanced functionalities which optimize the categorization of products and create personalized spaces for merchants as well as an API facilitating operational integration.

Read the official press release on Business Wire.

About RobotShop Inc.

RobotShop, the world's leading source of robotic technology, has been an established industry leader for over 20 years. With a clear purpose of fostering a world full of robots that positively impact our lives, RobotShop embraces the limitless potential of robotics to inspire innovation, solve complex problems, and create novel opportunities for humanity. Serving as your go-to source for everything robotics, RobotShop offers various robot parts, robots and other products in sectors including education, hobbyists, consumer home use, professional, and industrial.

For more information about RobotShop, visit www.robotshop.com.

About 3D Printing Canada/USA

3D Printing Canada/USA, a subsidiary of N3 Technologies Inc., is a leading provider of 3D printing technology in Canada and the USA. With over 40 years of experience in CNC programming, industrial design, and tool design, the company offers a wide range of services related to 3D printers and filaments. 

For more information about 3D Printing Canada, visit www.3dprintingcanada.com


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