RobotShop Adds Responsive Website Design

Posted on 18/11/2014 by robotshopmascot in RobotShop
The RobotShop e-commerce website has been around since 2003 and has been the trusted online source for finding robots and robot parts. Over the last 11 years, the Internet has evolved and so have we; changing and updating the website's design multiple times in order to further improve the shopping experience. Today we are proud to announce that the RobotShop website will be able to adapt to all browsers and mobile devices. This "responsive" approach means that the website design and layout are optimized for the device on which it is being viewed, as well as the screen resolution and browser. Browsing the RobotShop website will be easier and more enjoyable than ever before.
Samsung Phone Sizes2014 Samsung Galaxy Sizes
The website now loads more quickly and navigating using a smart phone is streamlined and easy, without the need to scroll side to side to view all information. Not only does the website adapt to the latest smart phones, it can be used without issue with older smart phones. Even with smaller screens, the checkout process can also be followed clearly and easily, without having to resize or reposition the window. When you consider the number of different mobile devices on the market, including smart phones, media players and tablets, it's amazing just how many different screen sizes and resolutions are out there.
Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5
iPhone 6iPhone 6
iPhone 3GSiPhone 3GS
SearchOptimized Search Field
Optimized Checkout ProcessOptimized Checkout Process
Optimized Product ViewOptimized Product View
  Computer monitors and televisions have no problem showing the full website in almost any screen resolution and using any Internet browser. With this new approach, the RobotShop website can now adapt and "respond" properly to the growing number of screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring the website's layout conforms to each, and you have the best experience possible.
iPad MiniiPad Mini
Google Nexus 7Google Nexus 7
Computer MonitorComputer Monitor
  We welcome your feedback below, or by clicking the "Give Feedback" triangle at the bottom right of the website.
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