Yellow Drum Machine

OK, I will also send the code to you, Dangre…

OK, I will also send the code to you, Dangre…

But… Guys: It would be so much easier if you would just start up your projects, and “Share it” (Top right corner of this web when logged in)

I am pretty sure that I can help you with the code etc if you just have your project with it´s problems and tasks in there.

…And I am pretty sure that you will not benefit from recieving the 200 miles of code from a project such as YDM…

Also you should look here: Don’t program your robot… Teach it!

/ Frits

Where can I buy one?

This is absolutely fantastic, I love it! I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a truly ‘fun’ robot, and you have inspired me to try to make my own.

Having never made a robot though, nor knowing anything regarding coding, it may be a bit of an uphill struggle, but I’m sure your fantastic blog will help me get there.

Otherwise, where can I buy one of these little fella’s? jk, but you should seriously consider approaching a toy manufacturer with your design, I think these would be incredibly popular. Also, if no-one has made anything similar before the Yellow Drum Machine, I think you should definitely patent it. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the big toy manufacturers is stealing your idea as I type!

Keep up the good work, and if I do ever get around to making one, I’ll e-mail you the results.

Oh, and also, I love the silhouette photo’s, they make me think of Johnny 5.

Thank you so very much for

Thank you so very much for all the “support” and very kind words :slight_smile:

I really do hope that you try to build your own; It is fun and easy! - And yes, make sure to share your progress and problems with the rest of us!

You are one of a million that tells me to go to toy-manufacturers etc with the robots (specially YDM). But as allways I must say that I have spend much time in my life trying to sell “my great ideas” to such companies, and they just have a wall of defence. Every day they get calls from people who think they have made the next wonder…

Patent - well, been there, done that. I have a patent in China and the US - on some software - but I have found out that apart from being really expansive and time-consuming to get, it does not sell your product any more, so you are back to square one, now you just paid for it :wink:

So I am just a happy inventor in general. Robots are just one of many hobbies. Happy because I know that I can just go on and invent, it does not have to be a complicated problem, even if I make some great stuff… I just throw it up on a web-page or something, give it to somebody, and it makes people happy, and that is fine by me. I just love inventing stuff, and if I can even make someone happy then… :slight_smile:

Of course - as allways; Should there be anyone with a rich uncle, or someone in the toy-industry or anybody else with a bag of money who likes what I do, well… Let’s talk :slight_smile:

Till that happens; Let’s have fun, Let’s just make robots, I think it is much more fun that way, and we only live once, so let’s do it :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

/ Frits

cool robot…


its my first time on the site, read every part of it!.. i have never built a robot, but after watching this thing, im giving a try… i am sure i can get ur help when it come to coding since i havent even done it…

im also into rc racing, so parts and stuff shouldn t be a problem…

i was wondering if anyone has done a robot that knows when it needs power and goes to get power from a specified source? i mean it has a fixed point where is gets energy and when it needs it finds it by is own… i hope im not being unrealistic…

see you guys, and keep up the god robots!



Hi and welcome :)I am sure

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I am sure we manage the coding!

It is absolutely possible to make a "homing robot" that finds it way back to the base and re-charges. I know so because they are out there. Though I have no clue how to make such a thing I am sure there are others who can help us :slight_smile:

/ Frits

I love this so much…

… I’m crying because I don’t have a little drumming robot of my own :frowning:

That is really much! I am

That is really much! I am feeling sorry for you. I can help you make one?

/ Frits

Hey, Frits. I was looking

Hey, Frits. I was looking through my robots parts bin, and I realized that I’ve actually got almost all of the same parts as you used to build YDM – I’ve got some Solarbotics GM3 and GM10 motors, and the Solarbotics tank treads, and even one of those little sampling devices with the microphone and speaker that I bought a while back and never did anything with. So I decided that I really want to build a YDM of my own :slight_smile: I was just curious if you have any problem with that. Also, if you’re fine with it, would you mind sharing your YDM code with me? I think I can handle building the hardware to work similar to yours (thanks to your very clear pictures) but it would take me forever to replicate the behavior from scratch. What do you think? I’d love to have a little YDM of my own running around and bashing on stuff :slight_smile:


Hi, and thanks for writing

Hi, and thanks for writing this online :wink: (We had this conversation in mail, and I asked if we could do it in here so that everyone else could participate if they should whish)

YES! It would be way cool!!

I KNOW that you would NOT get anything out of my code, seriously. it is so many tweaks on top of each other, variables re-used in stangest of ways etc.

Of course if it your dream to have excactly YDM-original-spirit, you are welcome to have it and try to tweak it to fit your HW, but I doubt it can be done easely.

I’d much rather release individual parts, drawn out and adapted for the purpose of teaching, pseudo-code, diagrams & online colaboration of your work than a bulk that I know won’t get you anywhere.

So I suggest that you start by say the base with a stick or two, and I will be more than happy to share what I have learned about making a good sequencer-part for that, dump code etc. Cause this IS a little tricky - different sticks are not the same speed, you know :wink:

… Or you take the object-finding first - whatever suits you. My main code base is 3 parts:

  • Drive around
  • Find and place in front
  • Play

If we make these 3 “together”, everyone else can read if they’d like, and you can then yourself mix it all up in the end, film and enjoy fame :wink:

So I suggest that you start by making some tracks with some sticks on, enter it as a new robot-project “CowGod’s YDM” or something :wink: - And we take it from there!

Cool & thanks :slight_smile:

/ Frits

Sounds good, I’ve already
Sounds good, I’ve already started on construction, I’ll post it up when I’ve got something to post. If I’m going to code it from scratch, I’ll probably start with the Arduino since it’s what I’ve got on hand, but if we find that it’s difficult to recapture the ‘spirit’ of the original YDM on the Arduino then I’ll order a Picaxe so that it can be powered the way god intended (you are its god, of course :slight_smile: “Drum for me, little robot!”

**Wow **

this made my day when I foud this (my dad liked it too) amazing

YDM you make me happy


No, sorry, I could do

No, sorry, I could do nothing else, make no new robots, hope you understand.

TheCowGod is building one, and I have provided a lot of info to him - feel fre to ask him, he is a very nice man :wink:

However - I will be building a second now, and I will try to document it some :slight_smile:

And… If you read along on this site, over time I must have published enough walkthroughs so that you should be able to get at least a far bit of the way. If you should get stuck with something particular, please do not hesitate to aske me, I will always try to help with specific problems!


/ Fritsl

Thank you!To put is short,

Thank you!

To put is short, if you are a newbee, you should havefun first making your first robot.

The drummer is based on layers of trial and error-knowledge gained over perhaps half a year I had from my first robot to this.

I hope you will try some of the “first-robot”-tutorials! It’s good fun!!

Do a search on top of this page "where to buy picaxe"


/ Fritsl

haha well ok i’ll do that i’m planning on just using my vex system but using the picaxe for the controller

you are in a tokyo site

look where i found you… in a tokyo website…



This is one of my favorites,

This is one of my favorites, its very unique. I cold never have thought of this in a million years! Very well done. One day (when I actually know what I’m doing) I might want to try and make this. :slight_smile:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us… -Marianne Williamson

My first post, I joined up

My first post,

I joined up because I saw this bot on youtube, as it was a highlighted vid today… AWESOME, I’d buy one!

What with the film Wall-e coming out your WDM robot has got that cute ‘johnny5’ look about it that wall-e also has. I love it.

I don’t suppose you’ve built any identical ones for selling? I’m sure you’ve been asked that before eh?

I’m going to make a thread about a project I have in my head for an R/C or bluetooth remote contolled wheelchair - would really like your input. :slight_smile:

When will the robot instructions go on sell or posted???
could u please email me at [email protected]




If possible please send me the source code for this cute robot!

I would be very thankful to have to code as i have been asked to build a robot like this and developing such a code would take much time!

Please send it to [email protected] !


Read this… It tells how he

Read this… It tells how he will give out code.