Walk N' Roll

Hey Linuxguy, I found some 3D models I made of my idea a while ago. I have models of it with the legs retracted too. The center is around 2 feet long and 1 foot wide. The servos are HS-805BB 1/4 scale. I never did finish the model.


Taht looks nice!!! it’s cool! with the tracks and all.

Here are the pictures with the legs retracted. The rotate brackets on the frame are on these pictures as well.
It’s not as nice as linuxguy’s 8 leg design and my Models are kind of hack but I thought this hybrid hexapod was a cool idea too.


It looks like some sort of High-Tech Tactical mission specialist vehicles you see the military using! EXCELLENT! 8)

I sort of invisioned the same thing. A tank that can walk. It would solve alot of river crossing problems for the military.

but imagine the servos you would have to have to lift up a real, life-sive tank!!! it would cost like a million for one tanks, but it would be cool! 8) just for the looks : Hi, our tanks are better than yours! aha

Im sure they could do it with really fast and strong pneumatics. There are several tanks made in sweden (the S tank I believe) Which uses pneumatics to aim its fixed gun up and down (saw it on world’s best on the discovery channel) and it moves pretty fast.

:laughing:, but the weight of that cannon is nothing compared to the weight of the tank it size, that many of them are upwards of 10 tons :open_mouth:

im sure wicked heavy duty hydraulics could do it, but itd have to be big…BIG engine to create the pressure needed to do that

And that would be the limiting factor. It’s relatively easy to build hydraulic cylinders with seals that can hold the pressure and hoses that are Kevlar braided. But to produce the PSI and GPM that would be required to power it, would be difficult. A large tracked excavator has a 6 foot long engine in it that really is just a big hydraulic pump to power the drive train and boom. The engine required for Hex legs on a real tank would have to be 3 times the size. Which means the legs have to lift a tank, and engine, plus the weight of the steel arms, plus the weight of the pump and engine. The hydraulic system would weight almost as much as the tank.

The only possible way, that I can see is not more power but to lighten the tank. Carbon Tow, Titanium, Aluminum and honeycomb core parts could easily cut the weight by 60 to 70%. However all the component would have to be redesigned to be structurally strong with the new material. Not to mention that the cost of the materials alone would change 1 million dollar of steel into 1 billion dollars of exotic materials. Plus fabrication, design, testing, and labor.

So, who know where to get a government grant? :laughing:

The japanese govt will give a grant to almost anyone who is working on a research project in the field of robotics. More likely to get the grant if your working with humanoid bipedal robots. All you need to do is do the project and then write like a 100 page research paper :stuck_out_tongue:

also, have fun making those materials and all its hoses and such bullet and rocket proof :open_mouth:

LOL no kidding. Maybe we could get Jim to cut some panels of 10" thick Lexan for protection. :slight_smile:

accually i think i remember reading about the sumo robots that some of them were bullet proof :laughing:

yea thats right it was the terminater
if you look on the right side of the screen
youl know what im talking about
lynxmotion.com/Product.aspx? … tegoryID=5
any questions?

ummm, unless its like…1-2 inches thick, its gonna break when a bullet hits it

Little note, this robot design is 100% identical to the idea I posted in another thread :slight_smile:

Give me credit :astonished:! And gimmie monies! :laughing:

It’s not bullet proof. I think it is used metaphorically not literally. For point blank hollow point and shotgun fire, it would have to be over 6" thick alone. Layered Polycarbonate is the most common method for bulletproofing with Lexan. It’s actually bullet resistant. Multiple thin sheets of polycarbonate and glass are jointed with film layers in between. The layers act like a windshield does when broke. This allow the glass to shatter and the lexan to absorb the shock from the bullet, and catch it. After so many shots, the lexan will weaken to the point where bullets will pass through.

OH :open_mouth:

Cool design with the tracks! :smiley:

I want to start on Walk 'N Roll soon, but I keep having stuff happen that pushes that off into the future. :frowning: I took a little detour to build a BRAT so I can learn more about jointed leg movement before starting Walk 'N Roll. One of these days I will get to where I want to be and will be able to start on Walk 'N Roll.

The final version of Walk 'N Roll with its custom body will be 26" long and 9" wide (not including leg extension). This will not be a small bot.


Very nice. :slight_smile: I see our ideas on leg retraction are the same. :smiley:

Your design is a cool idea. I’d like to see us both build our designs as they both have their own strengths.