The darn H-bridge

If I may be so bold …

I wrote up a tutorial as well on how to build a simple transistor H-Bridge. You can find it here:



Chuck?!?! What an honer!!

Chuck commenting on my blog?

Man, you are a LEGEND! OF course I already entered a link to your famous H-bridge tutorial!!

It is right here:

- We must get a better overview on that links-section in here!

But of course, that is the best!

Reason for the original blog-entry on this long thread was that I just wanted the head on Yellow Drum Machine to be able to turn both ways. Just that simple task; flip voltage. And I found that just hooking up an L293D Motor driver was the simplest though overkill IMHO. I´d hoped for some smart wiring with a couple of transistors, but no, this was the fastest.


Anyway, again, I am honored that you actually is in here :slight_smile: I hope that you will post something?


/ Frits

I will never forget your

I will never forget your tutorial Chuck. I think it was the very first thing I read when I investigated how H-bridges worked and it was extremely helpful. Thanks for the awesome work and I encourage everyone who wants to drive their motors themselves to read it!

Hope to see more tutorials from you in the future!

- Jimmy



Hey - I actually wrote to Chuck recently, and even got a reply! Fun thing is that I wrote because I wanted to make sure he never deleted that tutorial, as it was getting old.

Chuck told me that he was hosting it himself now, and that it was going nowhere!

But I have a copy just in case :smiley:

/ Frits

Just what I’m looking for…sort of

I hate to resurrect the dead thread but…

This is sort of just what I’m looking for! I need a design that will only switch current. I noticed that changes had to be made through the comments. Would someone be really nice and post a schematic I can use that will power a 24V, 5A system? I have no idea what components would be needed for that type of power…I’ve started a search.

I also plan on using a D flip flop to make the bridge switch back and forth.



NMIH-0050 h-bridges
Check out these h-bridges.