SpotMicroAI - SpotMini-Clone with Simulation-Environment and RL

Ok, I think this may be the winner on the price:performance ratio :

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oh nice, they have the same dimensions as the MG996R, right?
You could buy only 3 of them to have a test-leg and “somehow measure” max-forces.
This way we could compare different Servos without burning all our money :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea. :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching this channel as he does quite a few servo reviews for HV servos:

Apparently this is the strongest motor he’s tested:

The other option would be to use 6 ODrives…:woozy_face:

can you please tell me dimension of the robot or send me cad drawings .thanks my email is [email protected]

Hey @SwapnilAntala,
you can find a Blender-File in the Repo
Hope this helps

Have you linked Pybullet with Gym for RL? I want a quadruped robot for a project I’m working on, but I need it to be autonomous - at least object avoidance, navigation, get through rough terrain, and some other stuff.

NicRusso has already implemented a first RL-Solution for SpotMicro/Rex

already very impressive imho