Source code phoenix work with old device?

Today I change back 1 front leg to Phoenix design,

Ah, that’s why it was not easy to recognize with a modified design and different servos.

My hexapod can walk, all command from stick work perfect, just a problem standing and on off.

The start button should cause the robot to move to “ready” position, and pressing it again should cause it to turn off and go limp. Power the joystick before you power the robot.

Here is my old hexapod, i build april 2011(forget)

frame by acrylic design not phoenix
Arduino Uno + SSC32 V2
I got source code fron kurte in LM old forum,
it work without any problem,

In dec 2011 I buy phoenix frame and BB2 to change my old frame it was made by acrylic,

Basicly my hexapod just change a frame + new board arduino uno( old broke )

I just lost my old code in my PC from kurte in 2011.
That why I use new code and new firmware,
Now I get a problem above.

I hope u get whay I said,
Sorry my english so poor

Thank You Sir

Yeah the video I make short, when press start a robot can stand( normal)

But when press again like video above

So what is the status of the robot? You mentioned it walks correctly, but the On/Off is reversed? If so, power the joystick before you power the robot.

Just when off button, the leg is go down direction

Normally when you press “off” the servos should go limp and fall, but it sounds like the go to a specific position and hold there? Never heard of that happening before.

Robot can walk all features button working, only when off the legs wrong directions, my old hexapod not like this hmm
Already change UNO and new ssc32 with new one,
Already trying use firmware 2.04gp.abl and 2.07egp.abl both got same problem,
dont know the problem is from the hardware or the software :frowning:

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The behavior seems normal. When you press the START button again, the servos should lose power, as they do in the video.

Yes lose power+moving a legs.
Normaly the body going down and the legs going up slowly,
I hve watching phoenix videos in youtube, and my old hexapod was like that.

Now different.

In your previous video, the legs dropped due to gravity. Not sure what’s happening in your latest video.

That not drop down because of gravity sir,
Its drop by moving legs like I said before :frowning: not a gravity


Indeed, odd behavior, especially given that the robot otherwise works normally (so the electrical connections are likely correct). When you rotate the robot in the last video, the six body servos are not powered anymore, which is correct.

Not sure if kurt ever saw that behavior (or is available to take a look), but the Basic code dates back quite a while, and the chip itself has not been made for many years. As a learning experience, if others are unable to help and you really want to take a look - open up the code.

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yes, after legs going up I press again start button, that why the legs fall when I rotate the robot.

hmm oke then Thank you for your help Sir

@phadank (@cbenson)

Sorry I have not played at all with RC servos in many years… Except for one servo recently to compare movements versus some other servos.

From your videos, I really could not tell much from them, sorry.

As @cbenson mentioned, it sort of looked like gravity… By this it looked like maybe the servo(s) was not properly holding a position or going to a new position. Again my RC stuff is very very rusty.

If it were me, that I would look at include:
a) Does it ever hold a position? If not, maybe Bad Servo, maybe bad Gear in servo, maybe servo wire issue, Maybe connected to wrong pin on SSC-32

b) Works some times but not others… Again maybe bad servo/wire… Again have had gears go bad in servos, especially withe cheaper servos. Or sometime you have wires that get caught in joints or are not long enough, and either you end up with shorts or end up losing signal.

c) If the servo is working but always going the wrong direction. Then …

  1. On many hexs the left legs are built different than right legs, so Check that you have 3 left and 3 right
  2. All same type of servos? Some go opposite direction. The hex config file allows you to invert the signals for most/all servos…

That is probably all I can think of for now as again been a long time!