Problem with drs-0101 herKuleX (Reset)

I have a problem with the motor drs-0101 herKuleX and I am using the software HerKuleX version 1.4.
My problem is that I cannot connect one of my motor with the software.
When I press the “connect” button (and I have tried all communication configurations possible)the software cannot detect the drs-0101…
I have 20 motors of those kind and I have 5 of them that I can’t connect to. The other ones work perfectly (the software detect the motor with its ID).

So, is there a way to manually reset the configuration of the motor to the Factory Setting? I think that those five motors have a configuration problem.
The only way that I can reset the motor is with the software, but I must be connected… so it’s kind of a problem…


We have contacted the manufacturer and will get back to you shortly.

We greatly apologize for the delay, but it seems the manufacturer is hard to reach. We have not forgotten your inquiry and will get back to you as soon as we have news.
We also encourage you to contact us via the RobotShop support center so we can proceed with an exchang if needed.

Please contact us via the RobotShop Support Center with your order or invoice ID as well as a link to this forum post.
Once again we apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused.