Little-robot III - Lights flashing consecutively after cycle

Hi !

Globe is at home position, the lights blinking sequentially, 1- Blue, 2- Yellow, 3- Red .
During the cycle, it stops 5 seconds after the dump position.
and returns to the home position and lights blinking.
When RESET, solid blue light up and can make CYCLE again and so on.

The manuel instruction says:

Blue, Yellow and Red are flashing consecutively:
Litter-Robot cannot find position dump.

Someone knows the problem ?


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Hi @DanielBo77 !

Yes, we are familiar with this problem.

Please first try these troubleshooting steps and tell us the result: The three lights on the control panel are blinking

Thank you.

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It’s not the black gear.
it’s not the power supply.
it’s not the pin in the jack.

When the globe rotate is in the CYCLE mode it doesn’t find the dump position or the magnet, or the polarity.
Before, it found the right dump position. NOW, it stop 3 inches after the dump position and return to home position correctly and the lights blinking, 1-bleu 2-yellow 3-red in that order.

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Hi @DanielBo77,

Did you maybe disassemble the globe completely recently (for example, for cleaning)?

I cleaned inside the globe 3 weeks ago and everything worked fine.
Why does it no longer detect the dump position censor?
Last week everything worked, it detected and returned to its home position.
It’s been 2 months I got my little-robot III (rb-ltr-79)

Hi @DanielBo77!

This could be issue with Hall-effect sensor.

Can you give us your order ID?

Order id : 979723

We will transfer this topic to our internal support so we can help you better.

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