How to make a robot look steampunk?

Never-mind I found some gears.

My dad gave me some gears from some of my old toys in the basement. Never-mind I won’t need ebay after all.


Hey very cool. This is what I have done so far.

Dear: Sebathorus

You should know that so far I have finished the mecahnical for my robot. The box that was displayed in the picture has a lid and holes for servos. It even has two holes for LEDs. Right now I have all the materials to do so but I don’t have the times is to figure out how I want my robot to look steampunk and I found your robot very helpful. I am going to spray paint on some spair cardboard first then the robot but before I spray paint the robot I am probably going to ask some questions from you guys on how I should paint my robot. Also I found a ton of gears in my basement. It turns out I won’t need ebay after all. Thank you for your help.

From: Noah



I wait to see how it will look in the end. Looks promising so far :slight_smile:

Trust me I will update the post in the end.

Also you should know in the middle of the project I have been thinking about posting the robot so far and consider it a working progress. Besides that I will post what the steampunk part of the robot will look like. I will show that becuase I couldn’t stand not showing you so thank you.

How do I arrange the gears to make the robot look real?

Dear: LMR

You should know I have finally finished spray painting the robot. I decided to listen to a suggestion I heard about painting the robot black then mettallic to give a chrome effect. That is when I then painted the robot chrome silver and chrome gold for the gears. Now I am left with a question.

You see I have decied to stop this weekend and get some hot glue and glue some gears on it like another suggestion I heard that came from a song. What I trying to ask is how should I arrange the gears to make the robot steampunk?

Also here is my progress enjoy!!!

From: Noah



Gears as wheels
If you have a couple of large gears (like the one one the right side of your bot), they might make good wheels.

Well, you have gotten alot

Well, you have gotten alot of useful information. So far I like your robot. I did some experiments with Steampunk outlook too. Besides the moving gear which is not the most easy part to achieve I would like to see a “system” for the gear. Even if it’s not moving you could arrange them in a way that they appear to move a designated part.

Also, most important, videos of your robot and if you don’t mind a bit more details about the stuff inside the housing. 

Oh, welcome to LMR. Check all the other project and get an idea how things working together. I am sure you will figure out how gear could move to make another robot with that new knowledge.

Thank you do you have any

Thank you do you have any examples of how I could do that in the future. Thank you…

I wish I had thought of

I wish I had thought of that. You should know making this robot remote control is harder than you think especially with such low traction from my cardboard wheels. Thanks I will have to consider that.

Rubber bands

Add rubber bands to get more traction! Then for getting more traction of the wheel, make it accellerate slowly first and then raise accelleration; this will also make it seem smoother when moving.

I’ve seen robots here that
I’ve seen robots here that used a small stack of CDs for wheels, with rubber bands for traction.

Thank you when I get that

Thank you when I get that far I will do that…

Hey not bad idea I will

Hey not bad idea I will think about that thank you.

Will all your electronics fit in your chassis?
I am bad at estimating size. Will your chassis hold an Arduino Uno and motor drivers and motors? Or are you using servos?

If you’re using normal small motors, then you might want to look at the Micro Magician (by Dagu). It’s an Arduino clone in a small package complete with small (1amp) motor drivers.

I’ll admit, I like to work on a Solderless breadboard until I get the circuit right. I used to have the steps to putting a PIC processor on a breadboard memorized so that I could do it very quickly.

Well, not right now but I

Well, not right now but I still want to reply you before I dragged back to work. Just get inspired by other projects, watch tutorials how gears moving and get a taste of Steampunk design. Then combine all that to create another cool robot.

Yes it will and I appreciate your concern.

You should know I am using servos and an uno and they will fit fine. I dested the uno with the servos in it and the robot worked fine. The only problem is getting the servos to move. The servos will hopefully work by monday and that is my goal. Also you should know the next step after that is making it rc. Wish me good luck and I appreciate your concern.

There are a lot of radio
There are a lot of radio breakouts, as well as Bluetooth LE breakouts (and just plain Bluetooth). With BT you could control it from a PC, phone, tablet, or another Arduino.

Note: BT LE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is only a few years old, so an older phone/computer, etc. might not have it.

You would have to program the various commands (forward, backward, turn, but that usually isn’t too difficult).

Wow very cool. No offense I

Wow very cool. No offense I am hoping to use a spare Ir sensor and hack it to sense a years old ir remote I found for my vintage air hogs rc vehicle. Not bad idea though just a little bit too good to be true. Thanks anyways.

I believe that you have to
I believe that you have to make sure that both run on the same frequency. The IR receiver circuitry isn’t difficult to make from scratch. It’s in most Arduino project books and on the web. Good luck, I hope the recover works. I have an old transmitter for some sort of old plastic humanoid robot. Maybe I’ll try hacking that to radio.

The Bluefruit LE is available from Adafruit for $20, which means that clones are probably on eBay for less.

I like Bluetooth and WiFi because a lot of things have them now. It’s easy to get USB Bluetooth for the Pi and I have some sort if WiFi running through my house.

I believe that you have to
Sorry, double post.