Forming collaborations

Hello everyone,
I wonder if there are some of the veterans here who might like to collaborate on developing robotic projects. I am not being specific on purpose as I do not want to give the impression that I am only after getting my projects moving.

I am new to this forum and do not know if this type f collaborations are formed here or not and if they are, how do they work for those who collaborate. After all everyone involved in a project has to get something out it in order to be energised for it.

Can you share your thoughts and even better your experiences?



Hello @HRass and welcome!

The RobotShop Community is a welcoming environment for robotics enthusiasts and experts. It is intended for sharing your knowledge, getting help and helping others, but also for developing and showcasing projects. Here is a brief summary of some sections that may interest you:

Robots Section
A robot project post is mainly about showcasing a robotic creation, which can be anything that fits with the definition of a robot! From robotic arms to line-following robots, members share the finished project, their brainstorming and/or design process as well as the technical aspects of the build. It’s about sharing your creation, your thinking process, the steps involved, lessons learned, and techniques!

You can find some projects there that are still being developed, so you could visit that section and if a project catches your eye you can comment on the post and ask the person if they are interested in any collaboration.

Forums Section
If you want to discuss, talk about projects with members of the community, ask questions, etc. There are multiple categories and subcategories in the forum. You might be interested in the Let’s Make Robots and Lynxmotion categories or you could use the tags to find topics that interest you.

Right now there is a very popular topic named “Lynxmotion SES V2 Legged Robots” which is dedicated to the development of legged robots based on the Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) motors.

This thread is intended to allow all those interested in the project to follow the design progress, offer insights and help in the development of these robots. The main objective is develop and ultimately release both an 18 degree of freedom (DoF) “insect” style hexapod and a 12 DoF “insect” style quadruped using the LSS actuators and much of the SES V2 bracket and electronics system. Using a Raspberry Pi 4 as the “brain”, running ROS 2.0, we hope participants here will help create the most advanced, adaptive and responsive inverse kinematics system for this type of robot.

If that sounds interesting to you are welcome to comment, Bookmark, “Watch” or “Track” the thread.

I hope this information can help you, let us know if you have more questions!

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