Finding cheap RC ESC (speed controller)

Converting Brushless to Brushed Controllers

Hi Guys,

I have been doing this for a while.

Source code is here

I have converted quite a few of hobbykings controllers. Jump on -> under technical chat is the thread. Its pretty long but worth a read if you are really cheap.

This is probably the cheapest one you can convert easily (Avr microcontroller for the moment)

However the HK10 is the cheapest one I have done @ $5.15 for their “one time bonus offer”, current favourite is the TPY1-25 that controller is fantastic. I am running RS550s on it @ 6S which is so far overspec its not funny and it barely gets warm.




Hey! Its been a year, but

Hey! Its been a year, but only now I am back to my robot! I was lost in RC universe playing with quadcopters, aeroplanes and helicopters. So much fun.

So now I am back to programming the brushed ESC of my robot. Turnes out you dont have to delay(20) in the code! I dont know why, but you just write:








And you have your controls! Its that easy, its unbelievable !

Hey, thx for info! Can you

Hey, thx for info! Can you reprogram ESCs with USBasp ?