Armora- the armoured caterpillar

Sure i can do it!

I also want to make this robot too, and try to make it to communicate with other bots or phones. The fact that it has legs and moves with only a motor it’s awesome!

Thanks Silux…

You are awesome too dude…

WOW - What mechanism!

I’ve seen that type of centripetal governor before on steam engines where they feed back to the steam inlet to govern the speed of the engine, but using it to control steering is really thinking outside the box.  Have you seen that type of system in use somewhere else or is it your own unique concept?  The construction is very impressive too - so many parts to it.

I am very, very impressed.


Yes they are used to govern the engine speed and that is all i knew.I havent seen them being used for steering. I just had a thought and decided to give it a go. I basically had to force myself to get off my a** to build it as i was quite unsure. It probably works with small wheeled bots as well.thanks




Never heard of a governor being used for anything else than regulation speed, but who knows. Maybe an automaton builder from the past thought of a similar idea also. Doesn’t matter really, it doesn’t make your robot less unique.


The explanation is very well

The explanation is very well done!

There’s a lot to learn here. Wondeful job!

Great mechanism. Congrats on

Great mechanism. Congrats on your win.


Thanks Dip.