Yahboom K210 visual recognition module:Excellent artificial intelligence processor

Yahboom K210 visual recognition module is an image processing module based on artificial intelligence technology. It possess a dual-core 64-bit processor, computing power up to 1TOPS. It adopts deep learning algorithm, which can efficiently identify various objects and features in the image. The module integrates a serial interface, which can be connected and interacted with various controllers such as STM32, Raspberry Pico, Arduino, Micro:bit and other hardware devices and platforms. K210 module is small in size and low in power consumption, making it suitable for various embedded systems and intelligent hardware products. Users can easily create many creative AI projects by this module.


1) On board 2MP camera OV2640, serial port, 2.0-inch LCD touch screen, programmable RGB lights and other hardware resources, support TF card (32GTF card will be provided for free).
2) Adopt Kendryte K210 chip, with dual-core 64-bit processor, computing power can reach 1TOPS.
3) Support face recognition, mask recognition, QR code recognition, feature detection, number recognition, color recognition, road sign recognition and visual line inspection.
4) All MicroPython codes are open source, and we will provide 40+ detailed tutorials for users' reference.

Packing List:

Appearance & Hardware

The overall structure of the module is small and exquisite, and the size is about 57mm*41mm.

The front of the module is a 2.0-inch touch screen with a resolution of 320*240.
The back integrates TF card slot, buttons, RGB lights, OV2640 camera and other parts, and comes with a frosted acrylic shell, which is not only beautiful but also can effectively protect the module.

Built-in LCD Capacitive Touch Screen

Built-in 2.0-inch LCD capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 320*240,flexible operation control and clear display, can display processing results more intuitively,and is convenient for users to quickly debug.

OV2046 Camera

On board OV2640 camera,supports 2MP output, adopts CMOS image sensor technology, high sensitivity and low power consumption.

Serial port interface

PH2.0-4PIN serial port, which can be used to connect to other serial devices and output custom data.

Micro USB interface

Can be used to download firmware, serial debugging, connect to lDE, etc.

TF card slot (32G TF for free)

K210 vision recognition module has a TF card slot on board, which can be used to store data and model files and simplify the Al vision process with a complimentary 32GBTF card.

RGB light and button

RGB lights can be programmed through custom function buttons to meet user-defined programming needs, and the program can also be reset with one key through the reset button.

Remove the screws on the back of the module, and you can insert the parts of the Lego brick EV3 to build some unique shapes. As shown below.

Through serial port communication, the K210 vision module can communicate with some devices (such as: Microbit, Arduino, STM32), so that these devices have the functions of AI visual recognition.


K210 visual recognition module uses the MicroPython programming language, and the compilation software uses CanMv, which does not need to compile the code, and the code can be modified and debugged online.

Function Shows:

♦Color recognition
K210 vision recognition module can identify the color of the color block in the screen and select it in the display frame.Through serial communication,the external control device can obtain the position and size of different color blocks in the image.

♦Bar code recognition
K210 vision recognition module can recognize various types of barcodes, frame the position of the bar code, extract the data of the bar code, and can program the data to be transmitted to the extermal control device through serial communication.

♦QR code recognition
K210 vision recognition module can recognize the QR code in the screen and select it on the display screen. Through serial port communication, the external control device can obtain the content data of the two-dimensional code.

♦Face detection
K210 vision recognition module detects the face, then uses the star symbol to frame the face organs, such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.,and obtains the information of the face, which can be read through the external serial port.

Products real shot:


The module has excellent performance, can realize image classification, object detection and other applications, and has rich hardware interfaces and software support. But at the same time, there are some defects, such as restrictions on the resolution of the input image.It can be widely used in e-sports, efficient experimental teaching, robot expansion or personal DIY projects, and even widely used in various fields such as smart home and industrial automation, providing users with more possibilities and innovation space.

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