Will Robots Take My Job?

Posted on 02/06/2017 by jpvalery in Robotic News
It's often said that if you're doing a task without thinking more than a couple of seconds about it, then a robot can do it for you. That's how we have seen many production chains being automated with workers replaced by robotic arms, especially in the car industry. Soon a lot of other blue collar or repetitive work will also experience this transition. From warehouses robots, to cashier robots, to autonomous ride sharing cars, a lot of these jobs seem doomed to be replaced by robots. Did you know that, according to the MIT Technology Review, 83% of jobs that pay less than 20$ an hour are very likely to be automated? And with the rise of AI and automation, and with robots getting better and smarter, it's easy to see this as only a first step towards the prediction that 70% of jobs will be done by robots by the end of the century. So, it's reasonable to ask yourself : will robots take my job?
will robots take my jobWill Robots Take My Job?

While there's no spreadsheets saying if a certain job will be replaced by a robot, a very interesting tool has emerged this week : willrobotstakemyjob.com.

Back in 2013, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne published a report titled "The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?". With a novel methodology and a gaussian process classifier, they came up with the conclusion that about 47% of total US employment was at risk. Using the data from this report, and extrapolating it could easily apply to the rest of the world, a small team has built an easy way for you to look for your job and see its risk level. Just type your job title, and select the category in which it fits the most to get the data. Don't worry though, your favorite Community Manager has only a 2% probability to be replaced by a robot. Whew... If you want to dig deeper on this topic, here's a couple of articles for you :
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