White Box Robotics' 9-Series PC Robots Officially Not Vaporware

Posted on 19/09/2006 by wcox in Research
Tags: pc, white box
Image Robot hobbyists (with a hefty wallet) rejoice! The long awaited 9-Series PC Robots from White Box Robotics are officially soon-to-be-shipping. The robots, manufactured by Frontline Robotics, which merged with Tom Burick's brainchild, White Box Robotics, are first being released in a low quantity, initial run. These first robots, dubbed the 914 PC-BOT will be sold to early-adopters for a hefty price tag of $5,000. Lest that price completely turn you off from the thought of having your own handy PC-bot, the good folks at White Box have STRONGLY reminded us that they're aiming for a sub-$2,000 price range once the 'bots have ramped up to production. The robots come standard with a propulsion system, 8 IR rangefinders, a USB motor controller system, batteries, webcam, a functional VIA EPIA SP13000 motherboard, 1GB of ram, 40GB harddrive, DVD/CD-RW drive, WiFi card, and Windows XP Home. It's up to you to supply ideas for what to do with it. However, right out of the box you can wireless command it to navigate around your house, and you can also put it in an autonomous learning/navigating mode. For more information and pictures you can check out the community site, 914PCBots.com along with their image gallery, and the purchase page for a complete list of features.
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