When will Raspberry Pi 5B board appear?

As we all know, Raspberry Pi 4B was released in 2019.

According to the rule of Raspberry Pi update, generally one or two years will be updated.

Why is there no Raspberry Pi 5B yet?

The main reason is that the disagreement between the Raspberry Foundation and Broadcom on the purchase price of chips, resulting in the limited supply of chips, unable to mass produce.

The capacity of Raspberry Pi cannot reach one tenth of that before 2021.

So in the case of insufficient chip supply, the foundation will not release new products.

Although the founder of the foundation Eben Upton said that the production capacity of Raspberry Pi would return to normal after June 2023.

But many Raspberry Pi enthusiasts don't believe this.

The inability to solve the problem of chip supply is the primary factor restricting the production capacity and price of Raspberry Pi. There is even industry news that the raspberry pie 5B will use the system-level chip developed by themselves.

But this sounds not good news, because the biggest advantage of Raspberry Pi is its integrity system ecology.

Once the chip scheme is modified, it may have a big impact on the mature Raspberry Pi system ecology. Therefore, the Raspberry Pi 5B originally planned to be released in 2024 may even be postponed to 2025.

In addition to Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA JETSON series is also a good choice for us.

This year, NVIDIA resumed the supply of JETSON NANO B01 version, and even launched a new generation of JETSON Orin board.

Three years ago, Raspberry Pi and JETSON were not competitive at all in terms of price and performance, but now the price of Raspberry Pi 4B is rising because of shortage, and it is close to the price of JETSON NANO.

Which one will you choose?

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