Update from the WallE Builders Group

Posted on 05/05/2013 by wcox in Robotics Projects & Kits
Tags: Pixar, walle

walle_biulders_group.jpg Both Jawa Lunk and Scot Washburn have sent us some cool updates from the Wall-E builders group. For those not familiar with the Wall-E builder's group, it's an array of hobbiets that are building scale models of Wall-E, the star of the upcoming Pixar film about a robot named Wall-E. The group currently has over 600 members who have, "grouped together to build a real working, 1:1 scale Wall-E from Disney / Pixar's latest movie which isn't even in theaters until the end of June 2008." The group is making good progress with building several Wall-E models, including the "Game Cube" Wall-E model, by Jawa Lunk. Reader Scot Washburn sent us some pictures from his Wall-E model:  


You can find plenty more cool Wall-E models on the Wall-E Builder's Group Flickr page.  

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