Trending News in the Robotics Field for November 2022

What's happening in the robotics field for November 2022? Welcome to the 33rd installment in our monthly series, What's Trending in Robotics News! We cover all the breaking news, hot issues, trending stories, and cool stuff that's happening — or has happened — in the robotics industry.

There were plenty of amazing things happening in the robotics industry throughout November. Let's see what caught our attention this month with the trending news in robotics for November 2022!

Robocop in reality?

Every year, dystopian elements predicted by the 1980s film RoboCop come closer and closer to reality. The newest example comes from San Francisco; per Engadget, the SFPD is seeking permission for its robots to use deadly force in certain circumstances. This opens up a debate full of big questions. 

Where is the line for the use of deadly force? Who would oversee this type of decision? Is there ever a time when robots could act on their own? What's the next stage of their evolution as law enforcement officers? It's yet another case of science fiction coming (dangerously, some would say) close to our reality. 

Heal thyself (with robots) 

A remarkable story, per the Valley News — a Vermont man built his own robotic leg brace after a devastating spinal injury. It's an incredible read based on the designer's ingenuity and the unique healthcare circumstances he finds himself in. Here's hoping he continues to innovate in the robotics field. 

You're Gonna Hear Them Roar

Per the Omaha World-Herald, there's a brand-new attraction set to open at a local attraction next year that's the perfect collision of old-world nature and new-world technology. Omaha will welcome a "Jurassic Adventure" experience featuring a herd of robotic dinosaurs up to 35 feet tall, open so all can visit and head back millions of years. If humanity can't have "Jurassic Park" for real, this is a much more cost-effective (and safer) bet. Isn't it intriguing how our most advanced technology shows us what life was like in the prehistoric area?

Quick Hits

  • Fore! Per TechXplore, German engineers introduced a robot that can successfully putt a ball into a hole. Time to work on our short game, humanity. 
  • From, here's an "actuator" piece for a robot that mimics the design of human muscles; it's another step towards creating life-like robots.
  • Here's a fascinating story from Food more and more seniors are enjoying the company of robotic servers in their dining rooms.
  • James Cameron will love this one; per OE Digital, "ocean bottom" robots will explore the murky depths very soon. 
  • From PC Mag: there's a farting companion robot coming soon. We hear it's a real gas! 

What's to Come?

There is a lot of news out there, but these stories caught our eye this month. If we could give one big theme for the month, it would be "evolution." Again, it's fascinating to see robotics used to bring us back to the future through dinosaur animatronics, reminding us of a past no human has ever seen. At the same time, we see humans evolving into a species that now rapidly relies on robotics to perform severely consequential things like law enforcement. It's good to step back sometimes and think about the big picture of evolution and how robotics should (or should not) fit into that next stage of advancement. 

The bottom line: robotics, as a whole, is on a roll. It applies to nearly every aspect of our lives and touches every element of what we do — from how we eat to where we will go as a species. Every month, it's a wonder to see where robotics has gone — and to imagine where the technology will go. 

One more thing, readers — if you know of anything we should add for the next edition, let us know! What caught your attention in the robotics world throughout November? Comment below, and we might feature it in our next issue!

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Picture Credit: Paderborn University / Panasonic Holdings / Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

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