Top 5 Best Robots Toys 2017

Posted on 17/11/2017 by jpvalery in Toys, Gift Guide
With thousands of robots out there, it might be hard to navigate among the different products and find the best one for you. That's why all the RobotShop experts have gathered for you this list of the 5 best robots toys.

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Robot Toys are amazing products. They're entertaining and educative. They offer countless hours of amusement thanks to their interactivity and their limitless world of possibilities. If you're looking for fun and higly addictive toys for people of all ages, entertainment robot toys are a great gift to offer this year. If you're looking for toys more on the educative side, don't forget to check our other guide dedicated to educative robots for school.


#1 - Ozobot 2.0 Bit Starter Pack

The Ozobot 2.0 Bit Starter Pack (Cool Blue) blends coding and creativity in endless fun experiences. Bit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes—short color code sequences—that you draw with markers and paper. Use OzoCodes to command the bot to speed up, slow down, spin and more to complete mazes and challenges. The Starter Pack includes all of the necessary tools to ignite imaginations in ages 6 and up. Whatever your child can dream up, Ozobot Bit can do!
ozobot-20-bit-starter-pack-cool-blueThe best robot toy to learn with
Our team's verdict: The Ozobot has been a best-selling product for years and has amazed thousands of kids (and adults). The only limit with Ozobot is your imagination.

#2 - Electromagnet Train Magnetic Levitation Express Kit

The Electromagnet Train Magnetic Levitation Express Kit uses magnetic levitation technology. Electromagnets, propulsion magnets, and levitation magnets are used to create propulsion. These scientifically placed magnetic strips are built in the side of guide-way (included) to allow the Magnetic Levitation Express to hover stably and run smoothly at high speeds.
electromagnet-train-magnetic-levitation-express-kitThe best electric train
Our team's verdict: A couple of decades ago, electric trains were one of the most entertaining toys. They might get that title back with this electromagnetic train.

#3 - Meccano M.A.X Interactive Robot Toy

From the internationally renowned maker of robotics, building sets arises a new model of impressive proportions. Unlike anything else Meccano has created, the Meccano M.A.X Interactive Robot Toy combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with customizable programming. The result is a one-of-a-kind robot of your own creation! Budding engineers, innovators, and creators can expand their knowledge of programming as they personalize this robot to their specifications.
meccano-max-interactive-robot-toyThe best robot to become friend with
Our team's verdict: This programmable robot from Meccano offers Artificial Intelligence and customizable programming for limitless interactions and purposes.

#4 - My First Robot Educational Kit

The My First Robot Educational Kit includes a Powerbrain – the brain of your robot sends all energy and data, a double motor module for extra speed and super quick moves, two brick adapters to combine your Tinkerbots with LEGO or other building systems and various bricks to give your candy-inventor their special personality. The Powerbrain contains a Lithium-Ion battery which fully recharges within an hour for many hours of playtime. Download My First Robot Manual.
my-first-robot-educational-kit_1The best robot toy to discover robotics
Our team's verdict: This cute little robot (which will undoubtedly remind you of Wall-E) is a great way to discover robotics, and its compatibility with Lego products offers a boundless world of possibilities.

#5 - Lunar Launch Roller Coaster K'NEX Building Set

The Lunar Launch Roller Coaster K'NEX Building Set Building Set from K'NEX is a massive, moving, motorized roller coaster toys for hours of exhilarating fun! Fulfill your child's dream of a space adventure with this building set that features planet-themed graphics! Let your builders experience a one-of-a-kind playtime while they learn with this educational construction toy!
lunar-launch-roller-coaster-knex-building-setThe best miniature rollercoaster
Our team's verdict: Building your own roller coaster at home? We think that's enough said. The only question is: are you getting this a gift for a kid, or for the kid inside of you?


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