The Most Sophisticated Automatic Litter Box On The Planet is Now Available!

Whether it is for your cat’s health or simply to make day-to-day pet care easier, you and your cute furry friends will enjoy the most convenient and smartest innovative solution there is. Thanks to years of rigorous R&D at PurrSong, RobotShop can now provide the best that 2020 has to offer in the automated pet care space: the LavvieBot S by PurrSong is Now Available for Pre-Order exclusively on! 

The LavvieBot S is Only Available at RobotShop!

RobotShop’s team of product experts and engineers are constantly traveling around the globe to explore, evaluate and secure the absolute best in Robotics products for its customers; be it business or consumer. This also includes automation for Pet Care. RobotShop is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusivity arrangement with PurrSong as the most promising retailer of the LavvieBot S unit. This arrangement was due to RobotShop’s track record demonstrating years of extraordinary success in offering Domestic Robotics and Automated Pet Care to the public.

Due to overwhelming interest and demand for the LavvieBot S, RobotShop is now accepting​​​​​​ Pre-Orders! The long-awaited LavvieBot S is Mindfully Designed and jam-packed with intelligent functionality and safety features which make it the most sophisticated automatic litter box on the market. 

Starting today, LavvieBot S is available on so you can reserve your own self-cleaning litter box and have it at home as soon as this summer.

What’s Exciting about The LavvieBot S?

Most automated litter boxes will self-clean and help you avoid scooping litter. What’s exciting about The LavvieBot S is that it takes the ‘automatic litter box’ functionality to a whole new level. It’s a game-changer: you only need to empty the tray every 2 to 3 weeks as it auto-cleans. Moreover, this is a "Fill It & Forget It" solution which stores litter, automatically refills itself and will notify you on your Apple or Android device only when it needs to be emptied. 

That not only means living a scoop-free life but also keeping your house clean and litter-free! You can even easily maintain indoor air quality thanks to a natural gel deodorizer that quickly neutralizes odor!

The Safest & Most Innovative Automatic, Self-cleaning Litter Box

The LavvieBot S will surely turn an everyday chore into a non-issue, plus become a space-efficient, new self-cleaning pet care solution that visually meshes with any decor. Every aspect of the LavvieBot’s design was taken into extreme consideration, in order to answer this important question: “Will it look good in my home?”

LavvieBot S, a new self-cleaning pet care solution that visually meshes with any decor

Its squared edges enable it to neatly fit into every nook and cranny around the house. It comes in elegant white so that it matches with all your furniture. Oh, and have you noticed LavvieBot S’s flat top? Rest assured, you can safely place lightweight items there or even better: it could become an extra spot for your cat’s naps!

You can safely place lightweight items on the top of the LavvieBot S

Also, it is super safe with its indented buttons which prevent them from being accidentally pressed. There are sensors (which include infrared) that not only detect the presence but actually recognize multiple cats. 

Every aspect of the LavvieBot’s design was taken into extreme consideration.

If needed, you can easily access the inside of the LavvieBot with a side door, either to clean, to get the tray out for your cat’s discovery, or just to see how it works!

Smart & Convenient Cat-Friendly Pet Care Appliance

LavvieBot S can be used by almost all cat types! You can even use one LavvieBot S for two cats and monitor both their health and habits with the PurrSong App which reports the activity right on your Smart Phone, in real-time, keeping you in the know of what is going on with them!

The PurrSong App reports your LavvieBot S's activity right on your Smart Phone.

Going well beyond intelligent design and functionality, the LavvieBot S also provides an added level of awareness to your cats’ health by monitoring its habits, frequency of use, and duration of time “during trips”.  Not only does it monitor cat’s usage, but it also provides various statuses of the machine such as Status on the waste drawer, Litter storage levels, and more. 

LavvieBot S notification panel provides various statuses of the machine.

Depending on your cat's use, you set the wait time between 15 and 90 minutes before it starts cleaning. It’s all about what suits you and your cat(s) best! 

Both Smart Home enthusiasts and everyday cat owners will be pleased with this appliance: it keeps their house smelling clean and fresh while making sure their furry loved ones are cared for with minimal effort. It also makes an excellent gift for older family members who love their cats and want to cut down on the day-to-day maintenance.

Get Ahead Of The Rest & Reserve Your LavvieBot S Now!

The LavvieBot S will meet and surpass the needs of anyone who enjoys the benefits of automated pet care. Its unsurpassed quality, functionality, and elegance set it apart from other automated pet care appliances.

It’s no secret, with LavvieBot S, you and your cat(s) can relax and live scoop-free! Here is your chance to get your hands on it: 

Pre-Order Your LavvieBot S
(North America)
      Pre-Order Your LavvieBot S


Reserve it now and get it this summer. Due to overwhelming interest and demand for the LavvieBot S, RobotShop is now accepting Pre-Orders!

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