The Future of Drones in Construction: Market and Applications

The war to capture the view from the sky is gathering rapid momentum with the use of the drones that were not possible even a few years ago. They are being used for surveillance, capture the breathtaking view of the earth below, and deliver goods to high-rise apartments and in remote areas or even freeze the memorable moments of life using their camera.  Indeed a billion dollar market is building up centering the drones, and they are the in thing and the latest gift of technology.


Drones: An Insight Into the Future

The increase is the usage

Almost all sectors of industries are using drones to take the full advantages of the benefits the drones provide and the commercial production of drones is increasing opening out new vistas of employment and earnings.

Industries using drones.

A study has shown that it is the infrastructure and sector are using the drones most followed by transport sector where drones are being mostly used for delivery and pickup of goods and then by security agencies and the media to cover a wide area through the camera installed in this crewless aerial vehicle.  It is even being used in the mining industry for an aerial survey of the region that would have taken considerable time if done using the traditional way.

Adaptation of drones in the construction sector in the UK

With more and more infrastructure development and construction companies in the UK using drones, the popularity of them has increased.  Large construction companies have understood the value of using drones while implementing projects and today more and more institutions are using them to get the best benefits with the touch of the fingers on the joystick.

Example of companies using drones in the construction industry.

How are drones helping the construction industry?

They are being used in the construction industry to have access to a vast area that is time-consuming to cover otherwise or being used to have a clear picture of the construction and finer details of the skyscrapers sitting in the comfort zone. 

Here are some of the on-site applications.

They are being used from land surveys to data mapping, building inspections to monitoring onsite activities,  providing an actual visual to the clients and the staff as well as enhancing the security surveillance system. The future of the construction industry is rapidly increasing the dependency on the drones.

The smart solutions with drones in construction

BIM or Building Information Modeling is one of the fields where the intelligent solutions with the help of the drones are being done. Today every aspect of the construction process can be digitalized, and stakeholders are kept informed with the 3D- modeling, progress monitoring and orthomosaics using the high-resolution visuals captured from the sky using the drones. Any data collected by the drones in the construction site can be analyzed, and proper measures can be taken in quick time. Drone software can also help with this process. 

The automation of construction sights

Big construction and infrastructure giants from China to Japan and from every corner of the world are partnering with the drone manufacturers and ordering drones in thousands to use in their construction sites. Technology is moving towards controlling robotic construction vehicles that would enhance the project speed and quality to a large extent. Project “Skycatch Explore 1” is on trial stage, and if it is successful, then one can see fully automated construction site where things are being done sitting on the computers.

The market for drones

Whatever technology may come to replace the drones that are being used in the construction industry today, drones are going to stay in this area for quite some time, and more and more countries are investing in drones to revolutionize the construction work process and culture.

Estimated commercial drone spending 2017-2021

The law with the drones

Almost all the user countries of the drones are framing new laws and acts to control the use of the drones so that the wrong hands do not use it. The UK, for instance, has introduced a legislation that requires registration of all drones above 250 gram in weight; the pilots need to take the safety awareness test before getting permission to fly them, restriction of use of drones in specific areas including grounding the drones by the police and using Geofencing technology to monitor them.

The choices

One can have a full option while selecting the drones to be used for particular purposes, and some of the best drones come with propellers made up of suitable plastic, brushless motor, landing gears, esc, flight controller, a signal receiver, transmitter, GPS, battery and the high-resolution cameras. The choice is wide and open.    

You can have a look at TRIK'S full infographic to have a general overview of Drones: An Insight Into the Future:

Drones: An Insight Into The Future - Infographic

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